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Virus (1999)
Pretty Good, 18 November 2013

While not a mega sci-fi hit it does have a very creepy vibe. The story is simple and a variation on many but not too predictable in that you really don't know who will get it or when. Overall the tension gets tighter and tighter as the film progresses and you are not cheated by the end. The creatures are actually very well done and creative. They are quite menacing and gives the film the creep factor I spoke of. The acting is good as it has a solid cast and a decent script. The set itself is an actual ship, not a man made fabrication. It makes for a nice late night time waster or Sunday afternoon movie. The creature effects are actually so good I'm surprised they didn't get a slew of awards.

Shark Bait (2006)
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Maybe for Saturday Morning Cartoons?, 29 April 2008

The animation on this movie was so sub-par it is amazing it even made it to the screen. The movements are stiff and the faces are not very animated. There is no emotion in the faces and they are extremely bland and boring. The characters are all predictable as is the dialog. The main character, Pi, is so badly created he is almost forgettable. I guess the "big stars" offering the voices must have all cringed at the final product because it is embarrassing to watch.

The writing is stiff as well and the jokes are for toddlers or little kids.

If this was cut up and then shown on Sat. Mornings then it'd be above average, just.

This is a rip off of both Finding Nemo and Shark Tale, and a very bad one at that.

For the kids only. Young ones at that.

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Very Well Done, But......, 15 July 2006

I was fascinated by the story, the characters and the CGI was well done, but it lost 2 points from being a 10 because, while very, very good, the CGI was very brown, muted and had an almost sepia quality to it, additionally, a lot of the action is in heavily shaded locations. This made some of the scenes very hard to make out, and when there was quick action on the screen, it turned into a muddy blur.

Add to this the liquid quality of a lot of the scenes and a kind of HR Giger look of the sap aliens, and you get some scenes that, because of the difficulty, distract from the over-all enjoyment. You tend to dwell on the previous scene, trying to understand what you just saw and heard, and miss some of the present action.

I thought the voice acting was superb. The wonderful Richard Harris, in one of his final roles, was great as usual. Kirsten Dunst was very good also, and added a lot of energy to the role. The worms and other "comedy relief" characters were fine.

Over all an intriguing fantasy, with above average voice acting, and very well done graphics, even if sporadic at times. I would have preferred a tad more lighting, and perhaps a splash of colour now and then. Worth watching in any regard.

The Hobbit (2003) (VG)
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Very Enjoyable Indeed!, 23 April 2006

OK, The Good: The over all feel, while a bit childish, is fun. Good character movement, and the acting, backgrounds and animation are all solid. Lots of fun puzzles to solve to advance. Some of which are quite intricate and long. It is a good natured game, and never gets too gory or nasty, which will disenchant the hardcore LOTR gamers, but make it an acceptable game for most preteens or young teens. Lots of different and interesting levels! The AI is OK, with the monsters getting tougher to fight as you progress. Great game to watch. My wife loved watching because one of the unique things is the telling of Bilbo Baggins and his adventures. She liked that. It's a fun puzzle action game. Simply put.

Now, The Bad: The camera is a bit wonky. This makes a lot of the jumps, (and you have to do a lot of that in this game), quite literally "leaps of faith"! It does tend to get quite annoying at times, as you get stuck, dying, jumping, dying, jumping until you get it right! This is especially painful if you have forgotten to save recently! This is not a sandbox world, and you can't go everywhere you'd like. Other than the beginning, there is no real interplay with other characters. You speak to the dwarfs, and get side quests, but nothing else. I would have liked to see more interplay. It gets lonely out there! Haha!

In Summary: Sure they're not super realistic like the LOTR movies, but this game isn't about the LOTR. There was no Mordor yet. Remember, The Hobbit is a prequel, or the tale of Bilbo Baggins, not Frodo or the fellowship etc. That wouldn't happen for almost another 90 years or so, by Tolkien's story line. Therefore, there are no huge armies of Orc's, Goblins, just what is out and about for what is normal for the time. Which doesn't mean they're not up to bad deeds! LOL! It is a fun game, lots of game play and more that just a hack and slash epic. It is Bilbo's story and it's fun.

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Scarier than Jurrasic Park!, 10 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so everybody is complaining about quality, plot etc. I agree, it seems far fetched and all that, but pound for pound this movie is MUCH scarier than JP. It has that giant Alasour (spelling?) and the T-Rex, etc. all in a very spooky rain forest kind of setting. I read "Jurrasic Park" about 6 times, and found the book much more intense, more scary and creepier than Steven Spielberg's movie version. They made a lot of significant changes from the book in that movie, not fatal but enough to notice if you read the book. They switched ages the kids, Lex and Tim, from the book. Also in the book the lawyer doesn't get killed, Dr. Wo is also on the island and gets eatten alive by the raptors. Hammond dies after falling down a large hill into the jungle and gets bitten to death by the compys (little chicken dinos, seen in movie #2, but not in #1). They cut out the whole section with the Terodactyl enclosure. This was one of the trials that faced Grant and the kids in the first movie, but they put it into this movie. It works fantastically! Now, not only do you have to watch out for raptors, T-Rex, Allasour, smaller RED t-rex's, but now the sky has 'em too! Not bad at all!

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There are NO redeeming qualities for this game., 24 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where to start? How about the fact that while it looks lush and inviting, the game levels can ONLY be played the way the maker, Electronic Arts has made them. There is no world here! This game has so many invisible walls, it ruins the game play. It's so bad that, you aren't allowed within 2 or 4 feet (in-game scale) of an edge of a ledge or forest or steps etc. The walls actually hinder your movement!

After a while you feel as if you're in a track and following it around the levels, doing what needs to be done and when you do, don't worry the game will whisk you back to the main page for some boring card purchases/attributing etc. The constant back and forth is bad enough but the save/loading is brutal! I timed myself and from start of the titles to actual game play took 9 minutes!! Terrible!

The collector card system is OK, until you realize you can only use 3 cards at a time with no combinations to increase you skills abilities. Why have a limit? Why not allow a progressive accumulation of ability and special actions etc? This might have made it more interesting. You could have had very rare cards awarded for good game play or beating hard levels etc. But none of this matters, as the game play is repetitive to the Nth degree and is frustrating to the max!

The game boasts a camera button. HA! If you toggle the right analog stick the "camera" sways back and forth or side to side, with NO, I repeat NO way to look around, behind up or down! This is ESPECIALLY frustrating when trying to use the idiotic "aiming" system. Trees, hills and boulders get in your way and your line of sight, making it impossible to shoot anything with any kind of accuracy. UGH! The AI in this came is insane! My cats could do better! The other two AI controlled characters are, in a word, miserable! This is bad, why you ask? Well, in order to do some of the tasks, you have to work together casting spells, killing monsters etc. This is NOT good when they act like idiots, looking around, wasting time. Some of the bonus games to earn more beans DEPENDS on solid team efforts, but are constantly ruined by these moronic allies! Ugh!!!!!

A dull, repetitive and frustrating game with NO game-play value. All this game needs is a switch to tell it to play itself and it WILL!! Terrible, terrible game! This is sad, because the other games before it, while a bit childlike, were at least FUN to play, if easy. I LOVED flying around Hogwarts on a broom, through rings in the air. I loved flinging gnomes, finding stuff, exploring all the rooms, talking to other characters! But ALL of that stuff is gone bye-bye in this game. It gets so frustrating that after a while you don't care anymore and you would probably throw it in the back of a drawer somewhere and forget about it. The CD would make a funky coaster, maybe.......*sigh*

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Not bad at all., 2 March 2006

This movie is low key and fairly intelligent for an old black & white 60's sci-fi movie. It really owes it's look to the late 50's sci-fi. But this movie doesn't use weird monsters or giant insects to tell the tale. It is more intelligent and is one of the early pioneers of movies that warn us of impending danger of our own stupidity. It is a statement about the proliferation of nuclear bombs and the dangers of atomic testing. While some of the science theory is apocryphal, it actually does make more sense in a few years later. There is a strong belief today, that some earthquakes had been triggered by early atomic tests back in the days of testing. The lead is played by Edward Judd and he is joined by some real thespians like, Leo McKern. If you like The Day the Earth Stood Still" you would most likely enjoy this.

Something Evil (1972) (TV)
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For a TV Movie, not bad., 28 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hey, for a cheapo 1970's "Made for TV" movie, they did a decent job. Passable acting, nice agreeable actors and a creepy storyline. What do you want for nothing. There were a lot of MFTV movies a lot worse than this. Great to watch on a Friday or Saturday night on a late show. Of course it is mildly famous for the glowing eyes in the window part. Most people who have seen this always mention that simple but effective (and creepy!) shot! One of Steven Spielberg's early films, along with "Duel", makes him a director to be noticed. And of course he goes on to fame and fortune on the big screen! Who doesn't remember the creepy eyes in the window part? If you've seen this movie, then you, as everyone else remembers that part! Strangely, something as simple as lights in a window could scare so many people, but sometimes it's the little things. Sometimes, when done right, simple and small can beat ' CGI!

Clever and Funny!, 1 February 2006

This one is clever and funny, using everyday common body parts/functions and making them all part of the "City of Frank"! A warning for adults: some parts are REALLY gross! Kids will laugh till they hurt, because kids love GROSS!

Another warning is to be sure and make sure your pause/reverse/slow button on your DVD remote is in good order 'cause you'll want to use it to catch all the gags. Just like the Simpson's is a VCR show (meaning you need to tape it and slow/pause it to catch the background jokes), so too is this movie! There is extra stuff going on in the background and signs that go by a bit too quick for the eye, but are hilarious! Everyone does a bang up job, live and voice acting. The animation is old school which is fine, because it works for this one and is stylish and fun!

An extra tip of the hat to David Hyde Pierce, he once again lends a great voice job to his character. He always knock his voice work out of the park. He seems to be able to transcend the medium and give his character's that extra spark! Bravo!

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Dated but still a good movie., 20 November 2005

The first time I had watched TSWL, I was probably about 14, but not from the era the film is from. None the less, I found it fascinating, poignant, funny at times, and warm.

The funny thing is that while the clothes, music and styles may change, the feelings we have are common and do not change much over the years. Kids rebel, test and resist authority, and push the rules. We've all done it in some way or another. I smoked cigs, drank beer and had long hair. Others hung-out with the wrong crowd, drank beer or skipped class.

TSWL as is "The Blackboard Jungle" are dated today, but so are "Class of 1984" and "Stand and Deliver", but they all share the same premise, emotions and struggles. If a movie can convey them honestly, as does "To Sir, with Love", then it deserves recognition. I always like to watch TSWL, it does make you feel good in the long run. Even after all your disobedience at school, most of us grew up and realized the importance of what we had learned and were now sad to leave the memories, friends and teachers.

I think we also realize that we are also leaving a young version of us behind and it's sad to let that childlike version go. It's time to start growing up.

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