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A worthy sequel
30 June 2008
Excellent execution in making a sequel to a comedy classic. This movie is just as funny as the first one. It is evident that the film makers love these characters and worked very hard at doing them justice.

The movie is just very funny. I wish all movies were made with this much love and hard work.

That being said. Many people won't understand this movie or just find it average. This is because it's a sequel to a 1989 french-Canadian movie and, it requires that you've seen the first movie and have some knowledge of french-Canadian culture, in order for you to fully understand the humor. But you still might like it.

Again, great movie, I'll be seeing this one again.
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Highlander: The Source (2007 TV Movie)
Russian Version = Bad ...... Producers Cut = Horrible x Infinity
9 August 2007
I originally reviewed the "Russion Pre Final Cut" version of this film, and thought that it could've been much worse considering how unpredictable Highlander producers historically seem to be. But after seeing the "Final Producers Cut", I had to edit my review and grade.

The "Russian Pre Final Cut" of the film was bad but not THAT bad. The official and "Final Producers Cut" version which aired on the SciFi Channel, now that was bad, as it destroys everything we've been lead to believe in the previous movies/shows. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the prize, the game and the reason for living as an immortal is permanently changed out of the blue (Highlander 2 flashbacks).

The cinematography, sound and editing is done pretty OK, not great but OK and in some instances "forgiveable". It's clear that creative editing has been used to cover obvious filming mistakes, but it isn't the end of the world. Setting the story in an apocalyptic future, now that is the end of the world. You would think the producers had painfully learned that with Highlander 2, I guess not.

Part of being a Highlander fan is learning to ignore some stories told (Highlander 2, animated series), wishing producers would correct the rifts in their story lines, and fearing that new Highlander releases will destroy the story further. The "Russian Pre Final Cut" version does not destroy the previous releases, but rather adds another dimension to it, and since it leaves so many questions unanswered and gives only enigmatic hints at what is happening, the Highlander universe remains intact (with all its flaws) and a sequel could easily unexplain all the weird stuff that happened in this movie. However, the "improved" "Final Producers Cut" is not so generous. It seeks to (again) completely alter the core of the Highlander universe and destroy what was good about Highlander in the first place (way to go...again (Highlander 2)).

I could live with the Russian version but not the Producers version.

I think it's time the Highlander producers began respecting their audience. Would it be so hard to explain why Connor wasn't the only immortal after Highlander 1? Would it be so awful to release a special edition of Highlander 2 where the whole movie takes place in Connors head as a result of a dark quickening coma caused by the Kurgan, and Connor must escape "the shield" and kill Katana to conquer the Kurgans Quickening? Or something else that corrects the timeline? The same could be done with The Source, as it could be a dream or dark quickening for Duncan after killing Kell in Endgame. Wouldn't it be nice if the previous highlander releases were respected and continuity was a high priority? Why was it so necessary to cut away the scene mentioning Brenda (Highlander 1) from Endgame (from rough cut to final version)? You would think producers would make efforts to please their hardcore Highlander fans with throwbacks to past adventures? At a minimum, an attempt to create an illusion of continuity?

In my opinion, the whole franchise should be revised and one consistent Highlander timeline should be created which promotes what we all loved about Highlander in the first place. Now THAT I would buy all over again on HD-DVD or Blue-Ray.

The Source "Russian Pre Final Cut" is bad but was so enigmatic that, as a Highlander fan, you could just make up your own ideas about what is happening and, as such, somehow find a way to live with it.

The Source "Final Producers Cut" is just Highlander 2 all over again, which is why I had to edit my initial review and regrade this movie to the lowest possible grade.
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One hour too long
9 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I liked Johnny Depp in the first film, and the first film was not that bad. So now for this sequel. The special effects were good, the sets and costumes were good. But there is a limit to how many special effects, sword fights and chase scenes that mean absolutely nothing that I can sit through. If they had cut away one hour of meaningless effects and never ending action sequences the movie would have been watchable. Johnny Depp was really in character but even his character was too busy running around to showcase his personality. Finally, this movie is not a movie, it is a part 1 of 2 series that just stops in the middle of nowhere. There is no ending, just a "see you in two years when you have to pay another 10 bucks to see the ending". All in all, the producers seem to think that as long as there is a lot of action, a story or any presence of drama is not required. Awful film.
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Read the book first
20 May 2006
The book is exciting and interesting, the movie doesn't give you enough background information to get into the story (because of time constraints), and therefore doesn't grab the audience as the book does. I recommend reading the book and then seeing the film. If you see the film first you will probably think it's slightly boring and ask yourself: why do I care, or what's this? Without the book or a deep knowledge about this kind of history, you won't know or get any of the good stuff in the story. The film follows the storyline of the book rather faithfully with a few scenes cut/altered. However those scenes were needed to bring thrills to the story and make you sit at the edge of your seat, which you don't watching the movie. Still the film was entertaining. But read the book first, you won't be sorry.
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Quite Simply, An Outstanding Film
17 November 2005
Flåklypa Grand Prix is the biggest selling and most watched film of all time in its homeland of Norway. In fact, its ticket sales in Norway is greater than the population of Norway: which should tell you a lot. It is a cultural phenomenon in Norway that is just as popular 30 years after its arrival, which was proved by the video game based on the film that became the biggest selling video game of all time in Norway: 25 years after the films debut. OK, enough "Hype and Wonderment", lets talk about the movie.

Set in rural Norway in the mid 20th century, it tells the tale of a bicycle mechanic and his friends who wind up entering a car race with a homemade automobile. It is a story of wonder, adventure, charm, "getting by against the odds" and most of all friendship. It is a family film, enjoyed equally by teens, young-lings and adults alike. The humor is accessible to all ages and types of people, and the emotions that emanate from the screen are always moving the story forward and deepening your involvement about the characters and their environment. It is quite simply, an outstanding film, that should not be missed.

To balance my obvious admiration for this piece of work, I will now look on the flip side of this shining coin. Firstly, the film does stereotype slightly, and does so from a 1970 point of view. This makes some characters and jokes seem outdated and "inappropriate" nowadays. However, this is a minor flaw from which most all films of age suffer. The second and final "critisism" is this question: why was a (proper) sequel never made???

This film has had influence on Hollywood without the major public knowing about it. From Back to the Future to Star Wars Episode I, which pod racing scene is almost an exact copy from Flåklypa Grand Prix. If you are an avid film enthusiast and want to have light bulbs appear over your head in regards to finding our where things came from in some major Hollywood productions, then you should watch this film.

What more can I say but go and see it :)
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