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"Beyblade" (2001)
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A reasonable Show, 11 July 2006

I love English dubbed anime. I know a lot of people say its bad and the Japanese version is far superior but its good how they change the show to suit our culture, making it easier for children (their main audience) to understand. The other review says its repetitive but what sport isn't? This was as big as Pokemon and Dragon ball Z at my school, everyone loved it. People say it was only to sell toys, well it did that and it did it good. What kid doesn't want to be a part of something that can save the world like in a TV show. The people who say it isn't very good are usually older people who come across the show while channel surfing, the show isn't aimed at you so its not fair to hate it.

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What the hell is this Cr*P, 6 May 2006

Wow I actually watched a full episode of this and the plot was horrible for a kids TV show. I think even Hi-5 has a better plot than this. They sing about the same thing over and over again, burning it into ones head. I have asked friends what their children thought of it and they said their children could not watch it, it made them cry and start screaming. I think he said the kids first words were NO MORE SHAPIES. I would honestly like to know who comes up with ideas like this and why. I don't think this was an educational show or even an entertaining one. I'm sure many copies of the shapies DVD will sell perhaps as many as 3 copies. I would like to speak to the creators of this show and ask them why they insist on dumbing down our children.