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Christmas in Heaven, 27 July 2006

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This is one of the finest concert DVDs available. Gackt and his Christmas Eve lives are legendary and this one doesn't disappoint. From the dramatic entrance on horseback, to the wild frenzied dancing, to the comedic 'fan service' half time film, to the beautiful Gackt floating high above the Tokyo Dome draped in white like an Angel - every moment will have you transfixed and mesmerized. The first half tells the story of the darker side of the human heart. The second half is all fun and games with Gackt and the audience. Gackt truly loves his fans and you can see that coming through in everything he does. Get this DVD - you will LOVE it! Nothing satisfies like seeing Gackt in a cat outfit! 10 out of 10!

Moon Child (2003)
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Moon Child is Gackt and HYDE at their best!, 27 July 2006

Vampires, sexy guys, guns and some blood. Who could ask for more? Moon Child delivers it all in one nicely packaged flick! Gackt is the innocent Sho - who befriends a Vampire Kei (HYDE), their relationship grows with time but as Sho ages, Kei's immortality breaks his heart. It doesn't help that they both fall in love with the same woman. The special effects are pretty good considering the small budget. It's a touching story ripe with human emotions. You will laugh, cry, laugh, then cry some more. Even if you are not a fan of their music, SEE THIS FILM. It works great as a stand alone Vampire movie.

9 out of 10

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Yucie Rocks!, 28 July 2005

This is the first anime series that I caught 1 episode of and fell in love with. I've had to purchase all of the DVDs for all 26 episodes. It's funny and entertaining for all ages, even my husband of 30 likes it! It's a story of a princess who is trapped in the body of a 10 year old and has to compete against other princesses from the Spirit, Heaven, Demon, and Fairy Worlds for the Eternal Tiara that grants any wish to the wearer. Yucie wants nothing other than becoming an adult and falling in love with the 'prince'. Glenda the Princess of the Demon World with her elegant beauty and fantastic magical powers is the best member of the princess team. Her trip to the Demon World is absolutely hilarious! If you like magical girls and humor you will love this series!