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Snatched (2017)
not good
1 March 2018
Disappointing. boring. I expected this to be drama/adventure; but, it turned comedy, and not very well. glad I caught it on the firestick. turned it off. Goldie's hair looked great, though.
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The War (2007)
'Let's Get Lost"
2 October 2007
I have, aforementioned on this title; perhaps Burns' docudrama may be somewhat less than definitive- it is very close; considering the time constraints of his format. While WWII lasted around 48 months- plus 6 months thereafter; How on earth could one have documented it in seven episodes? I continue to believe Ken Burns did a very credible job; considering his time constraints. Let's be real; it happened pretty fast; compared to Vietnam; or our present Iraqui struggle. While his approach, from four American town/cities seems bizarre; He tried to paint a picture of racism and segregation, that was all to real until the late 1960's; perhaps, if more ethnic groups had been entitled to participation; it may have ended sooner. It's hard to say.

As far as Burns' musical accompaniment goes; isn't it trivial? I didn't know that Sinatra recorded, "Let's Get Lost," I thought it was a Chet Baker tune, And I do appreciate the Benny Gooodman sidetrack. Sorry guys; but, I believe Burns was on the money....
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Aurthur Kennedy
25 April 2007
Yes, Kennedy was most adept as the, "nice," bad guy who could become homicidal very easily under the right circumstances. most memorably opposite James Stewart, in, "Bend Of the River," and Glenn Ford, in "Day Of The Evil Gun." Kennedy worked steadily throughout the 40's and especially the 50's; occasionally cast as the leading man, notably in the post WWII film, "Bright Victory," with James Edwards, about a blinded war veteran overcoming racism. He was also good in "Crawlspace," about an elderly couple who take in a vagrant hippie; with drastic consequences. He was always effective as a second lead, to Kirk Douglas in, "Champion," and, "The Glass Menagerie." He could, however, rise above his material and be a serviceable leading man. Also good as detectives, officers, and authoritative figures. One of the best of the Warner Brothers' players.
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well written episode
3 February 2007
I don't often watch any of the, "Law And Order," shows anymore; seems the tube is over saturated with them; but, occasionally the writing approaches feature film quality. To see an actor of Brian Dennehy's status appearing on episodic television makes one know that this episode must be good. Perhaps he's delving into television because the quality of material available to him in films is sporadic anymore, however, he had a very successful run on Broadway in, "Death Of A Salesman." He doesn't disappoint here. It's more of a story about a dark family secret; and a dieing man's attempt to reconcile with his daughter and wipe his slate clean. A worthwhile episode; and good to see Dennehy performing again.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Jar (1964)
Season 2, Episode 17
memorable episode.
31 January 2007
Well done episode, certainly by early 60's standards, cast and direction of Norman Lloyd, create feel of summer in a small southern town. Perhaps the very best of the, "Alfred Hitchcock Hour," series, the ending has a lasting impact; even though I haven't seen it in years. James Best is memorable as the leading man here. Although he always found steady work in films and television since 1950, Best never quite reached the top tier of film stars; despite the fact that he was a remarkably handsome young man. Perhaps, like Dennis Weaver, his southern drawl held him back a bit. He continues to work today. I would have thought his presence in this episode would have elevated him to bigger parts. A must see for Hitchcock fans. Norman Lloyd worked with Hitch in, "Sabateur," and was known in the 1980's for appearing on, "St. Elsewhere."
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