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Littleman (2006)
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funnier than white chicks, 27 October 2006

after reading the comments on here i did not fancy this movie.i decided to watch and laughed all the way through . white chicks got good ratings this is so much funnier .but this is so funny all the way through.the changing of littlemans daiper is hilarious.the doc checks the littleman out and says he as the teeth of a forty year old.i thought the effects were good some comments made on here suggested more money should have been spent on a good script than special effects.just watch this movie you will not be disappointed. i don't agree that this movie is for blacks only one commenter even suggested there was no white actors in the movie which screen was he looking at. get your popcorn and have a laugh i did .

Way Upstream (1987) (TV)
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recently acquired a copy and was not disappointed, 3 October 2006

i watched this movie on TV in 1987 i recorded to video and watched it countless times. i was very lucky recently to be given a DVD is nearly 20 years since i have watched this comedy/drama and it did not disappoint me.

the story begins with two couples the guys are business partners. as soon as they step on the boat the bully husbands wife is not happy with anything about the boat she wants to go home .the tension builds from the first day.

the other business partner is a weak guy and as no guts whatsoever.

the movie really gets going when keith one of the partners goes back to his factory to settle a dispute.and leaves alistair in charge of the boat.

within minutes alistair has grounded the boat .they all think they have met a lucky mascot vince who comes to their rescue ,he refloats the boat and june invites him on the boat for a drink at the annoyance of keith her husband who says "we don't even know who this guy is" the story quickly unfolds as vince is a phsycopathic madman. ENJOY