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A heady mixture of low-brow and high art, this is my definitive list of favourite films ranked in accordance with personal taste and subjective opinion on what makes good filmmaking, regardless of cultural and 'objective' standings.

After all, Critics may dismiss something as straight cut as Point Break or Jerry Maguire but in doing so they lose sight of their potent atmospheric qualities: There ability to embody the entire zeitgeist of their creation. A cultural gemstone of the past just as valid as any Tarkovsky or Bergman in their simple purity.

Film as feeling.

2010's - 4
2000's - 36
1990's - 31
1980's - 14
1970's - 6
1960's - 1
1950's - 8
1940's - 1

Films below an IMDB 7.0 - 8
Films above and equal to an IMDB 8.0 - 38
Most voluminous individual Year - 1994 [7]
Films from the same production Company: Universal [8]
Foreign Language films: 18
Films with surreal imagery: 31

::Near Misses::
To Kill a Mockingbird
Ed Wood
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Human Traffic

::Recent Additions::
Last Tango In Paris (1972)
Pusher (1996)
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A loving list of my favourite games of all time est. 1987
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21 fine directors for the next generation of cinema.

The next Kubrick, Scorsese and Speilberg's are on this list!
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