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Never a dull moment. Super fun and refreshing movies :)

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They seem insecure on-screen. They can't connect well to their roles. They seem numb, nervous, sometimes stoic, expressionless and detached---a sign of not connecting well with their character.
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All their movies are great. They're real and self-assured. Their presence usually carries the entire movie because of their good acting. They are believable actors. And whenever they are on screen they lighten the mood.
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not good...not bad.......just inbetween (definitely still watchable and enjoyable, just not great or life-changing.)

but specifically just the movies that didn't make it into my great movies list here:
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No mindless CGI and shock value here. Whether bellowing in laughter, wide-eyed in suspense, or just sitting there with a big ol' smile, these are the movies that have left me sitting at the edge of my seat throughout the years. Organized from best to worst.
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movies you should definitely not bother watching

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No crappy hollywood thrills here, well-made horror movies that are actually scary!