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Stoker (2013)
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Simply Elegant and Evil, 8 March 2013

Stoker is done in typical Art-house style; Simple, Spare, Elegant and Diabolically Evil. Suspenseful throughout and never fully revealing it's purpose or plot. All the participants are moving casually to an uncertain conclusion, perhaps a fatal one. This could be said of most films but here it's used with skill to set a mood of a cool dance with the devil. Nicole Kiddman's portrayal of the disturbed unhinged widow completely without grief is tragic and lost. Her need for attention has led her into a deadly flirtation and has further alienated her daughter India, played in dour style by Mia Wasikowska. Their relationship and involvement seems disturbingly precarious and painful, this is not unusual for teenage girls and their Mothers, but here it is exceedingly so. A dangerous and charming Matthew Goode seems to go with the flow and is undeterred in his purpose. With his sexual advances and musical skill he pushes an already disturbed household far beyond the edge. This is a very special coming of age film, one with it's own unique flavor. A very dark macabre tale that has twists and turns that are both horrific and droll. Some of the cinematography is beautiful and the music is and excellent player in the drama. Simple but never dull !

Lincoln (2012)
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History and Resonance !, 10 November 2012

This is a brilliant film by Mr. Spielberg that speaks of man's best and worst. He has presented these themes to us before and our hearts, minds and souls are better for it. The useless loss of war, the ideals of freedom and equality are common themes but never better embodied than here in this portrait of Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis in one of his most natural and poignant performances. With an engaging script by Tony Kushner and superlative performances by all, this movie draws a concise picture of 19th century America and the issues that have resonated throughout history and around the world. The view offered is not a grandiose heroic tableaux but a heartfelt human vision that embraces tragedy, justice and the need to heal a nation. Through Mr. Spielberg's artfully subtle direction we witness a war and a fight in government that reveals a man with a keen sense of humor, human nature and justice. It revisits this nations key and pivotal issues of freedom, justice and equality under the law for all. Sally Fields in one of her most compelling roles should surely be considered for an Oscar as well as Gloria Ruben and James Spader. With it's evocative setting, moving score, and perfect casting this is a film that is not to be missed. Excellent !

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Chicken with Plums - A Fabulous Fable -, 30 August 2012

This is a brilliant film composed of wit, romance and all the art and style that makes film enjoyable. With set pieces, animation and fabulous actors the directors have created a unique and memorable fable. The visuals are magical and some satirical, all dressed in a vision of charm and enveloped with the romance of music. Romance and Art are at the core of this film, it speaks of the soul of an artist and true love. Set in old Terhran the story is told with culture and warmth. It is an inspiration laced with humor, charm, beauty and at last love. This tale is universal and will touch more than one heart. "Chicken with Plums" is the best I've seen this year and a must see if you love film.