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very bad, 15 March 2006

oh god this is a bad movie. there are only 2 good laughs, and they're cheap.

that's to few for a comedy. i was expecting a lot from Les Bronzés 3, since the members of the splendid are the best comedy writers and actors in France for the last 30 years.

nowadays, their time has gone.

The funny characters (Jean Claude dusse) are not funny anymore. The loser has become a semi loser/semi winner and he's to aware of his own attitude to be funny. he's a spectator like us, not an actor.

too bad.

Thierry Lhermitte has problems with his wife, as always. but this time it is not funny, it's dramatic. what the hell are they trying to do? a romantic comedy? a drama? 0/10

Belgian gem!, 26 September 2005

This movie is so bad it becomes funny.

Jean-Luc Bideau, well known in France for his apparition in the "H" show on television, is pictured as a great seductor, but he's quite ugly and the girl, Dayle Haddon, is much too beautiful for him.

It's an adventure-movie, a la Indiana Jones. The first part of the movie take place in Tunisia, in a desert landscape, were archaeologists are searching for diamonds ("the roses of matmata"). But, meanwhile, a bad businessman searches it too.

The second part of the movie take place in Brussels, capital of Belgium, capital of Europe... and it's funny, when you live in Brussels, to see some places on screen.

I recognized an house in Ixelles, and the "Palais des Congres" in the center of Brussels.

The critics were very bad in 1986, but when you see it with humor, it can be very funny.