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Finally ... What I wanted to see after I watched the trailer for Skyline !!!!, 14 March 2011

I went into this movie with low expectations after the relative disappointment which was skyline, a film that promised so much from the trailer and delivered far less.

However, im glad to say any misgivings I had were quickly expelled. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't the greatest film ever made, and in many ways it fails to hold a candle to the likes of independence day, which in my opinion is one of the greatest films of its type ever made. It does however, bring a much more up close and personal aspect to an alien invasion. Its more like watching a war filmed in Iraq or something, but that in itself is what separates it from a muddle of recent alien invasion movies that fails to ignite any kind of fire in the mind.

The film moves at an unrelenting pace, with good action sequences and cgi to boot, its predictable at times and the ending fails to come up with something clever or original, but hey ... you cant have everything !!!

Sin City (2005)
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Alpha male film of the year !!, 8 June 2005

I'd heard the hype surrounding this title and was expecting a good film.... ! The type where you feel you haven't wasted your money but also don't feel like telling strangers in the street about, u know ! Well, for all who love violence, action, and woman this movie gives you it all in a testosterone filled, adrenaline Field, cinematic masterpiece....... it's off the hook ! The story is slick, the characters are quality and the look of the movie is as dark as the sinking thoughts you have when snap out of the trance you find yourself in and the realisation hits that the experience will end sooner than you would like it to.

I have given this film 10 out of 10 for its amazing cast, fantastic cinematography, gratuitous violence and sexy females - what more could the cinema going youth of today ask for !!! Go and watch this film at the cinema while you can as its one of those films Mr Wilde where it would be a mistake to watch on a DVD or cheap alternative. .

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Surprisingly Different, 5 June 2005

I only watched this film as my preferred choice on the night was sold out and I'm glad it was.

I expected to watch a cross between Human Traffic and Kevin & Perry go Large but what I saw had a real plot, which left me feeling like I had watched a proper film as opposed to a meaningless collaboration of pointless and ridiculous rubbish.

The film deals with real issues, while providing characters who are so over the top that you don't take it to seriously. The film gives you laughs and smiles when it chooses and leaves you satisfied that your money was well spent.

Makes a change !!