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Interview (2007/I)
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A good job by Buscemi, 22 July 2007

This is a solid effort by Steve Buscemi and his co-star Sienna Miller. It would do well as a 2 character play on the 99 equity circuit. Buscemi lays good ground work in developing his character early, while Miller shows her stuff gradually. I found them both believable and not typical Hollywood movies fakes. The things that happened to them seemed real, and the writing was solid. I was impressed by Millers effort, she showed the person and the emotion behind her character. Buscemi took the time to let the audience gradually learn the people behind the show-biz mask. I cared about both people which is my fundamental requirement for any art form. I get pleasure from real professionals doing a god workmanlike job. Kudos to both!!

Sweet Land (2005)
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A real Bore, 21 July 2007

How could anyone watching this movie not be bored out of their gourd? SLOW> SLOWER SLOWEST!!! First of all, NO-ONE in this movie seemed like a country farm person-- The lead Reaser looked as made up as a Hollywood starlet--if she is a farm bride of the 1920s I am the King of Scotland. My wifes great grandmother was a rural person in 1920--NO lipstick, a little face powder, not red lips. Do any of these people sweat or get dirty? Do you understand how HOT it is in Minnesota during the summer and harvest time?? Does any of you understand FARM LIFE in 1920?? This netflix FAILED my basic test I didn't give a darn (or R-A) about anyone in this movie. The minister looked like he shaved and changed his collar hourly. This movie, except for the constant shots of the house and BIG SKY looked like a sound-stage movie of the 50s. Alan cumming was horribly miscast. This movie seemed 12 hours long. Besides a poor cast the writing was horrible. We have no understanding Of olaf, where he came from, his family etc. How ANYBODY could hype this movie is beyond me. Caveat--I am NOT a film sudent so I don't automatically like every effort.

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A mish Mosh, 22 June 2007

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The only thing more annoying then Edith Piof was the movie itself, It made no sense what soever, and other then her awful childhood, gave us NO understanding of EP as a human being, I got the distinct feeling from watching this movie that she had NO redeeming qualities as a person. One would think from her earlier life that she would have sympathy and understanding of others, but she spent the whole movie acting like an awful screaming spoiled rotten child. She spent her career using dope and alcohol and issuing demands to her agent and her staff, though it is hard to understand why anyone would work for her. Her relationship with Cerdan seemed completely unreal and not close to her character. They completely ignored her WWII history where it has been intimated she was a collaborator, with Mauric e Chevalier. The way the movie was put together was completely confusing-- without a doubt the WORST biopic in the modern era. The actress did well, because she was annoying too. When she started screaming a name of someone, I felt like yelling "shut up" ASs usual with auteur the movie was too long. Save over 2 hours of your life and don't see or rent this really BAD french dud.

Waitress (2007)
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A wonderful comedy with a touch of reality, 19 May 2007

A wonderfully cast movie. Keri Russell is absolutely fabulous, cute endearing sexy, easy to fall in love with. Jeremie Sisto is getting lots of work as nut, and he is superb here, menacing, crazy and adding some drama to a comedy plot. Cheryl Hines is a revelation here--what a heck of an actress, brassy and yet interesting. Andy Griffith does a lot in a cameo role. Ms. Shelly leaves a wonderful legacy as actress, writer and Director. I will sorely miss her. Everybody seems REAL to me, even the Doctor is a great character. I love these slice of life films--they drop you into a world of people you get to know well, however briefly. Some have compared it to Little Miss Sunshine. I think this a more serious film with different kins of relationships--less family thanindividual. At any rate see it asap..not a chick flick--a great movie for every adult.

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Pretentious twaddle, 31 October 2006

This movie at slightly under 2 hours seemed to be the longest movie ever. To saddle such an impressive cast with such terrible dialogue,decidedly ridiculous plot situations, unexplained facts such as how did Harland rate an apartment when he seemed to be unemployed for most of the flick. Nortons career has taken a decidedly down turn with this piece of twaddle and the equally awful illusionist. Although I admit that the idea of the film--to bring Western myth into modern times was intriguing, it was executed miserably. David Morses role was written poorly, and I guess he was unable to overcome the bad writing, because this was definitely the worst performance of his career. I guess being a film student, which I am not, is a handicap in reviewing films, since I look at whether a film bares any resemblance to REAL LIFE, which this film does not. I also have to care about the characters as a basic bottom line. I felt throughout the movie that these were not real people but ACTORS. The only people who should be required to see this film students so they can learn the difference between a good or great film or a bad one. I cannot tell anyone else to waste 2 hours of their life watching this.

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A Brilliant if Emotionally univolving Film., 20 October 2006

It suddenly dawned on me as my wife discussed the film after seeing it the arclite in Hollywierd that I was not emotionally involved with any of the characters in the film. I felt no empathy or sympathy for them nor(and this is always my acid test) did I care what happened to them. Yet Todd Field the movie maker produced a film so brilliant in its execution casting and trancending all of its story clichés, because he was able to fascinate me like a fly on the wall--that is, I was so deeply involved in WATCHING these creatures that the film blew by. Unlike deeply emotional fims like How to recognize your saints or half-nelson he violated my rules of caring etc. He is such a brilliant craftsman that he caught me in a trap which I could not flee from!! One of the reasons I so love film as a drama and art form, is the brilliance of contrasting styles by everyone from Scorces to the independent writer directors. This a straight forward telling of a group of 30 somethings and their lives. The greatness of small lovingly made "indies" is if they are good, they drop you into the middle of lives, and you feel instantly at home with the people. I urge you to see this film made by the artist who made in the Bedroom for its sheer genius in movie-making. What a great experience of a brilliantly observing Artist at work in the fields of film.

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Tears were rolling down my face, 3 October 2006

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I knew virtually nothing about this film going in. It started with kids using the "F" word every other word--as warned in the rating. My wife hates profanity unless it is not a substitute for good dialogue. Of the cast members I only knew Leboeuf Palminteri Rosario Dawson and Diane Wiest--no matter EVERYONE in this cast right down to the cameo was truly magnificent. Now, I'm an emotional guy, I admit but there was one scene between Mother and son that blew me away. I mean hot wet tears werestreaming down my grizzeld face. The editing, the dialogue, the casting the photography--all were SUPERB. this movie knocked to my knees with an impact that was shattering, The ability of this artist to write and direct aretruly amazing--if he never makes another piece of art, he has done something for which he will be praised. I don't want to discuss the plot, but let me just say if you want to see an artist at work, spinning a web about the relationships between human beings then go see this picture--in fact I BEG you to see it! You will be rewarded beyond measure.

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One of the best Indie pics overdraw, 5 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A great film, one of the best Indies ever. Ryan Goslings performance is so superb, I give him a nomination right now. He portrays a teacher who although he has charm and great skills he basically is on a DOWNER. The constant drug use is extremely realistic, and crucial to his personality--my wife (a long time teacher) despised him, but RG"s performance is so GREAT you still like him, and I at least, rooted for him. To see such a gifted charming guy ruin his life and maybe some of his students is stuff of high tragedy. The rest of the cast including his Co-star is uniformly superb, cast well, and shot well. Beware, this is not in any sense UPLIFTING, if you are in a bad mood, or emotional it could be too intense for you. The great thing about indie films is they transport you into ordinary human lives, and yet give you Drama worthy of ANY genre.. The ac tors writers and directors make this an intense compelling brilliant and long lasting film about true human emotions, relationships and LIFE itself.

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An entertaining though flawed film, 18 August 2006

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I was in the mood for a period piece, so I enjoyed the costumes and Prague scenery. My wife doesn't like them and said she had no sense this was the 19th century and that Norton and Giamotti were too modern. I thought it was VERY old fashioned with a typical Hollywood ending. There was no passion or spark between Biel and Norton and I didn't feel anything real about their relationship. The villain was pretty good, evil without overacting. There weren't too many other characters involved so it was more like a stage play, and there was a great deal of action. The effects were not great. It wasn't pretty enough to see on a big screen although we always enjoy the ARClite. Wait for the rental.

Gabrielle (2005)
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A really really annoying stinker, 11 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Do not waste your time seeing this horrible movie--I hated the actors the photography the servants the leads EVERYBODY.. The opening sequence was the worst in the history of sub-titles--talk, talk, talk--so much talk you coudnt follow the subtitles! I prayed that the husband would JUST STOP TALKING! I got it- she hated him as much as I did. The idea that this couple would have any kind of meaningful relationship was not possible. I hated the 3 maids and the scenes of their duties. Yeah I get it--in the 19th century women had no legal rights--a key explanation for some of the m Ivie's. There was absolutely no explanation or character development of their 'FRIENDS" One of my rules for any form of drama is to CARE about the people involved--these people should have been taken before a French firing squad asap! The (writing) was non-existent--the only information given was everybody hated everybody. The music was the MOST Inapropriate ever seen in the history of film, unrelated to anything in the plot. This is the most shallow movie in the history of drama--if widely released it would set French films back for 2 decades. The lead actors only talent was to be a boring pompous ass--thus I hated him as much as the role he played. The female lead was LOST--no emotional life--AND not ONE MOMENT OR WORD OF HUMOUR

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