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The Master (2012)
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awful boring dull, 19 September 2012

It is amazing to me how viewers and film students fall in love with an auteur director like Anderson but totally lack the objective ability to crucify him when he puts out a dull, poorly written miscast piece of crap like this movie. The actor with three name PSH was given a role he could not handle--he lacks the charisma of my pet cat. He is good as a petty criminal or con men, and we get no background whatsoever of how he became a Master than phony Degrees Though Phoenix is a good actor (he has never been a great one)this role has no sophistication, he simply is a common ordinary whack job. The director gives very little information about any of the other players. Who was person at the end. My wife faded in the first 30 minutes. Also stop making excuse like I have to invest my intellect or imagination to understand the movie. The great weakness today in the films of today is the god-awful writing. This script was full of holes so deep it fell apart early. Garbage!!

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Simply awful, 11 July 2012

Thank heaven the wife and I watched this at home. After a great string of great Indies like Security not Guaranteed Blue moon rising the marigold hotel, this was easily the worst film I have seen in a long time. I have never cared less about the leads. Seth Rogan is still a meatball and he looked unhappy at not showing his rear end or dropping the F bomb every 10 seconds. His career as a serious actor has a been laid to rest with beyond awful sulking man-child worthless dialogue and a lack of attraction beyond reality. If Michelle Williams a an actress then I am a rickshaw driver. That a handsome movie actor would earn income by doing this beyond any measure of reality. The writing was about as bad as it gets. His paintings and the chicken cooker were awful. Any 4 year old could draw better. I was hoping they would drown at the lake, fall out of the lighthouse or choke to death on a chicken bone. I don know who sara polley is but she should be ashamed of herself!! God awful dreck.

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Another wonderful indie, 15 June 2012

I wish that Hollywood made entertaining films and I always look forward to films Like Marigold Hotel, safety not guaranteed and this quirky classic. I've admired Wes since Bottle Rocket and I really think this is his best. From start to finish, not a single false note was present, and like the other 2 films satisfying with a capitol S.. The cast is superb. The thing that sustains me is there are film makers who tell stories which relate to us as people. This film is a fairy story, but the 2 kids are so wonderful its easy to think it is real. To have stars like Bruce Willis and others lend their talent to a film like is simply wonderful. None of these 3 films are copycats unlike the endless crap like John Carter, a film that cost 250 million, and yet the imbeciles who made it didn't have enough brains to make a title. John who cares. The mind numbing garbage 3D films that have horrible scripts and do 11 sequels. Guys like Anderson and many others can write like their old film counterparts. Now it is techs who use phony cgi as the backbone of their bottom feeding garbage My wife says thank heavens there are men and women who can write and who care about film as art!!

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Amazing, 8 June 2012

A wonderful film. The story is science fiction, fantasy and real-life relationships. The plot is unique (I know some reviewers have likened it to the back to the future series which was for fun and was fun). It is not only funny, (laugh out loud funny) but mysterious as to what is really going on and stir in some fantasy and science fiction-- but underneath is the inspection of all human beings and their lives and relationships. The casting was superb and the scenic northwest photography was great, I didn't know any of the actors but suffice to say they were chosen by a director of amazing talent. His idea his plot and his script were really really fine. I saw it in LA in Burbank and the audience was mostly the internet set and they loved it. All of their generations electronic things were a big part of the film, but this masterful director reached me, a senior--explaining the kids and yet reaching me with the love stories and those of friendship. Thus the director brought the old universal story of love among all of us. I can only say he is in for a tough career because with this film he has set the bar for himself and his crew very very high. Based on this work he will be great!!

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Horrible, 24 March 2012

This is on my top ten list of the worst movies ever made. Ms Weiss sat around in her pajamas and looked sullen and empty. She had the personality of a dish-rag. She should be ashamed. The directors casting direction screenplay and writing were awful. This movie was the slowest (yawn) i have seen in years. It was like water torture to sit through. The music was annoying to say the least. I wanted to scream stop the music. The critics loved the photography which was so dark you could seldom see the actors. Which in most cases was a relief. That this RAF chap was the love of her life is impossible to understand. There was zero motivation for any of these people. The script was infantile. I really hated this movie and for wasting time precious time to watch it. it should be destroyed and all copies should be returned for burial

The Debt (2010/I)
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A total BOMB, 2 September 2011

One of the few movies in my life I wanted to walk out on. The first hour was slow stupid and BORING. Jessica Chastain whom I loved in tree of life played this role with th dazzling smile of Julia Roberts and not much else. The writing regarding the 2 male agents was god awful! The 2 men were stiff and wooden. None of them had any charisma at all. I cant discuss the plot except it was totally unrealistic and so full of holes it could be an outstanding swiss cheese. This is The MOSSAD people, one of the great government agencies in the world and they all seemed like amateurs. Helen Mirren looked awful and her role was so simply badly written even her talent couldn't overcome it. The ending was the single most preposterous one in the history of film--it was repulsive. If you have ANYTHING else to do (like having dinner), Do not see this film. (except as a lesson for film students. I had NO INTEREST in any character. I just wanted to get out of the theatre and try to get this out of my brain. It was especially dismal to me because I have seen 5 wonderful movies this summer. Simply AWFUL!

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Warm wonderful a classic, 27 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing 2 crappy movies Meeks crossing and some Italian so-called thriller (both of which I wanted to walk out on) It was a thrill to see a Woody Allen classic. Owen Wilson was just great, and who would have thought that. The cast was uniformly superb and the issues of life were so very compelling. The theory of the movie was that we are all unhappy with being in the present and wish we could return to a "perfect" era. Thus does Wilson LOVE Paris and Paris at Midnight which leads to some wonderful escapades,This is a master at work, and in the full prime of his talent. This will be a classic. Both my wife and I would like to see it again, which we never do.

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Italiano Crapola, 15 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If this was not a foreign movie it would be subject to ridicule and laughing. The audience I was with hated it. The plot was the worst I have seen in a so-called "thriller"--IT MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!! There were no way you could figure what time it was, whether a scene was real or a dream, the men were not identifiable because they all looked the same slightly built and with horrible beards. The idea that any women would be attracted by any of them is absurd. Most of the scenes made no sense whatsoever. The plot line was the worst. I wouldn't worry about plot spoilers since the movie makes no sense. Anybody who found this film exciting or "riveting" was short of sleep and had poor concentration. There is no excuse for this film. It stinks. Don't go near it.

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Waterboarding, 28 April 2011

Watching this movie was like actual torture, I hardly know where to begin. Its lack of dialog in the first 15 minutes started my decline. I could list a hundred questions but I will give you a few--how come after a long and exhausting journeys the animals were sleek and looked well- fed. How come the womens clothes were not dirty torn and ragged especially since they came from Walmarts costuming department? Where did the "Indian" come from--where he did his basket come from? The men were awful in their costumes, dialogue and acting. Most of the time I couldn't understand what they were saying but what little I did hear was worthless. The trail leader was the worst performance of an "actor" in movie history or maybe the crappy writing was at fault The dialogue throughout was mush-mouthed and unclear, Not one person acted as if he or she were actual human beings. Not persons personality was clear. If this was supposed to be a western that is the worst of all time. If a movie than whoever made should not be allowed to write or direct in any media for all time. The ending was a fitting finish to one of the worst"movies" ever made it was It was. just plain awful! Please don't show it on cable or satellite and burn all the copies. The audience I was with burst out in to laughter at "the End?"

Unknown (2011/I)
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A terrible awful movie, 21 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My wife felt this is one of the worst films we have ever seen, I agree. I am tired of Hollywood whiz and bang and this was the worst. Car after car after car was destroyed (yawn) and the plot line was repeated over and over and over again. The ending was stupid made no sense whatsoever and as usual in Hollywood action films NONE of the characters were given any background and the writing was simply horrendous. Taken was a mildly enjoyable thriller, but this was just garbage. Neeson had a particular profession but seemed to lack any knowledge when pressed for answers. This is just one of the stupid aspects of this god-awful film and the crash scenes were very poorly executed. We both felt that this movie should contain a warning about it--do not waste a precious 2 hours of your life on this piece of absolute crap.

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