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The entertainment industry sits in an odd place at the present day. Many of the older, reliable character actors are either dying out or retiring. This leaves quite a vacuum for the next generation to step in and fill the roles performed by many of these actors.

Many of these actors are performers who'll have no problem stepping forward from the background and taking supporting or main roles in film or television — some have already accomplished this.

For the others on this list, it's a question of when and how the right people see their talents and put them to good use.

It may come soon with lots of hard work and then again it just may be luck...
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Because it's gradually more and more annoying doubling back to look at your IMDB ratings in descending order...
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Because it's gradually more and more annoying doubling back to look at your IMDB ratings in descending order...
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This list originated with an back and forth conversation on Facebook that I had with a good friend of mine, Amanda, about our favorite theme songs and intros, from our childhoods and today. The first few captions you are about to read for this are mostly the same from what I sent to my friend, with a little embellishment added to it.
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This list consists of actors who slip into whatever roles they're given and are uniformly terrific in them.

Most are not actors that take up 75% of a movie poster. They're the actors who are paid to show up, excel yet not be seen. However, this isn't always the case, as JK Simmons proved when he won the recent Oscar for "Whiplash."

But we cinephilies like them. And here are the friendly faces I always welcome the sight of seeing.

Lastly, for convenience sake, I've buried names of actors whose faces, by my own definition, have taken up a large chunk of movie posters deeper in this list. You should recognize their faces and names.

It doesn't make them less important or great, it's a simple courtesy to the actors and actresses who have not been as lucky.
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What once seemed, like a long, long, time ago, a gamble, the revived iteration of the Doctor Who series now has been able to settle into a groove over the last decade and develop concepts and storylines with remarkable confidence. Now, well into its tenth year back on the BBC, and about to enter its ninth season (or series, for you Britons), the show benefits from larger worldwide audiences than ever before. Despite going through four actors portraying the titular Doctor, there's little evidence that the show will slow down any time in the near future. Here's a list of that creative renaissance.
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The X-Files aired from 1993 to 2002, in its wake producing more than 200 hours of television. All the episodes have varying degrees of quality, yet here are five hours of the program that might not show up on the 'Greatest Hits' list, but they're all solidly produced hours.

Most seasons are represented here.
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There are a few types of X-Files episodes: monster of the week (or stand-alone) episodes and the ongoing mythology episodes.

Both type of shows had their highlights and low-points, but this list features only the best of the former.

Every X-Files fan will have their own favorite stand alone episodes for their own reasons, so here are mine...

For the sake of conciseness, stories that omit either Mulder or Scully are excluded from this story. Sorry, "Unusual Suspects!" You're a great episode, but you're not on here.
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Actresses can hold the screen in film. However, they usually are limited by screenwriters to the bland love interest or damsels in distress, which are insulting, as well as dated, representations of women. The actresses on this list are not just beautiful faces, but they have shown that they have real presence and talent on the screen: some are feisty, others low-key, but all of them portray themselves as smart and independent women. Don't expect many supermodels to be on this list...
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Ever since he was announced to take over the legendary role of The Doctor in 2009, the shadow he has tried to escape since then has been tremendous. As of the fourteen episodes he's helmed, he's proved himself a worthy successor to the eminencely popular Tenth Doctor, even as Tennant fan girls persist that Smith is an awful doctor. Aided by excellent, wildly inventive scripts by showrunner, and lifetime Doctor Who fan, Steven Moffat, his Doctor has proved to be quite endearing, and proved that he can stand on his own. Most importantly Smith and Moffat have made me start to enjoy Doctor Who again.
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Not a lot that I'm looking forward to this fall, as I found out from my descriptions
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