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Click (2006)
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a truly awful formula movie, 30 July 2006

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the plot?? A man who is dazzlingly successful by any normal standard - big house, kids, drop-dead gorgeous wife, professional career - wants more, but ultimately learns to accept what he has. You've seen this so many times, and every time better than this. Nothing clever or remotely amusing -- 'jokes' such as a duck humping dog are stretched and stretched; christopher walken overacts in the way only he can and sandler is well just sandler. Strictly for the undemanding. Having tried to submit I learnt that reviews must be 10 lines long - frankly it's a struggle to write that much about so little... So what I can add? Don't pay money to see this.

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Trying to hard to be deep and meaningful?, 4 June 2005

There is a key aspect of film that Jobson seems to have forgotten - it has the ability to tell a story by showing it to you. You don't need to tell the audience what to think, because they'll see it. The action here is interspersed with some of the most ponderous narration unleashed on the unsuspecting public - the purple prose of the sensitive fifth former. And it should be unnecessary because their is a fine cast here and some beautifully composed and shot visuals. Maybe Jobbo felt that the basic story needed a lit bit of support. And he may have been right, it lacks a basic credibility: 70s Edinburgh wasn't exactly full of beautiful brainy girls with a penchant for the Velvet Underground and a soft spot for a passing sociopath. From the too neat and new looking clothes that character wears to the cod intellectualism that tries to link it all together, it's all too contrived for my taste.