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don't expect a comedy--but see it, 8 June 2005

I saw this as part of the Seattle International Film Festival and I go without much expectations because I don't even like to read the descriptions of the movies before I see them. I did hear after a few disgruntled complaints of how this wasn't a comedy overall. Well it really is not a comedy. This is a typical Israeli film with a theme, a purpose, a lesson. And typically Israeli, it's laced with humor all over it. The topics get heavy as heavy things happened in Germany not too long ago. The lessons are so brilliantly laid out, that this movie could be a bible story. The acting is top notch. Everything about this movie is tops. Yallah, go see it!

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see the film that took Israel by storm, 8 June 2005

The year 2004 was a huge film release year in Israel. There were over 100 feature films Israeli films released which is a record number and record-setting numbers went to the theaters in Israel to see many movies. Apparently one in four saw this movie which tells already something. I don't remember once looking at my watch during this movie which says a lot. This movie flowed right through without any dull moment and had many jokes laced throughout. The two young main actresses are both incredibly talented and are both very believable in their parts. The theme of fitting in to new surroundings are universal but never quite so pronounced as when a new wave of immigrants comes into Israel. Also themes of friendships, neighbors, fidelity and others are examined with interesting results. Must see movie!

Campfire (2004)
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A Must See movie for all, 8 June 2005

I just saw this movie tonight as part of the Seattle International Film Festival and I knew to expect something great because it won the best feature film "Ophir" in Israel (like Oscar award). I was pleasantly surprised that it was more than just the simple story that is described in the synopsis. It is a human story with a lot of heart. The movie explores falling in love from three different perspectives. It includes all the emotions that go with it. It also shows three different approaches to dealing with the opposite sex and it seems they each learn a bit from each other. The message is universal but the film is unique. Go see it!

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5 star movie that you can see with entire family, 8 June 2005

What a joy to see a fun-filled movie with such great writing, symbolisms, beginning ties with the ending, superb acting, and such a great flow to the whole movie. I saw this as part of the Seattle International Film Festival and normally I see only international movies but when I heard Paul Rieser was coming to speak for question & answer, I had to see it, and I'm so glad I did. I can't imagine anyone who would not enjoy seeing this film. The acting is out-of-this world great! You definitely do not think of anyone's previous role and just see them as their character in this movie. The chemistry of all the actors works. The scenery is also note-worthy. The movie includes wonderful driving scenes at some breath-taking sites, many we probably pass everyday and take for granted. This movie has all the right messages and you should definitely see with your entire family.

Sabah (2005)
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Fun, light-hearted movie about a serious topic, 8 June 2005

This topic of falling in love with someone of a different culture and religion has been done so many times but never this light hearted, sweet and with so much belly dancing. The writer really put a nice story that goes beyond the laughs that keep it light to really portray a message of "why can't we all just get along?" The lead actress is sometimes awkwardly unpretty and at other times just stunningly gorgeous! She reminds me of Ingrid Bergman / Isabella Rosselini look when she's looking like a swan. And her acting was superb. She was very believable in all her shy moments and as she blossomed. I did see it as part of the Seattle International Film Festival and was thrilled to learn some behind the scenes stuff, such as motivation for movie, that writer's younger sister is the young girl in the movie and other interesting tidbits. I highly recommend this movie and one that you could bring your kids or parents, no matter what your background.