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Santee (1973)
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Disappointing ending, 2 December 2009

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Nothing spectacular about this movie. An aging Glenn Ford carried it as well as any other he's done.

Michael Burns did very well in his role. Just a shame that he gave it all away a few years later.

An older Jay Silverheels was good to see, after starring in the Lone Ranger, a few decades before this movie was made. Not sure I've ever heard him speak so many lines. :-)

The ending was nonsensical and unnecessary. Life could have gone on just as Santee and his wife wished, however, for some reason, the screenwriter and/or director decided to disappoint the viewer.

Worth a look, if you enjoy Ford's work, but that's about it.

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Miscast, 17 May 2008

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Second episode aired on ABC TV Australia. May 18th, 2008.

The beautiful and talented Kerry Armstrong stars in this mini series as an unfortunate widow, whose husband dies in bed with another woman. Due to mismanagement of their money by the now dead hubby, Kerry (Louisa Atherton) and daughter Holly, wind up at the mercy and scorn of Louisa's mother. Mother and daughter take up residence in a dilapidated house on acreage, trying to make ends meet by taking any job on offer. Holly alienates herself from schoolmates, as she's seen better schools, having been at a private school in Melbourne.

I've always enjoyed watching Kerry in shows like the axed 'MDA', pulled at the end of it's second series. 'Bed of Roses', besides having an annoying and repetitive theme song in episode one, is not a series I would have cast Kerry Armstrong in. She's seen as a klutz, who couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag! Disappointing, as she's mostly been seen in confident parts.

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Prudes and Non-Prudes, 10 May 2008

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Watched the bra checking show this week on Australian TV. The two hostesses had women peeling off their tops to measure their breasts. In some cases, a number of women were asked to remove their tops/bra's completely, of which they obliged.

Good on them, I say, however, when it came to Trinny & Susannah showing us their nipples, hell no! Hands over areolas for both of them! Bloody double standards. Thought I was watching some Yank show, which will uses every swear word available, but will happily put stars, or flowers over the 'naughty bits'.

Come on Trinny & Susannah. If you are going to host a true reality show and get 1,000 women to take off their tops/bras, at least have the guts to lead by example. Hell, even a 72 year old wasn't shy. The BAFTA people will still accept you into their fold! Don't be a couple of old prudes!

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Not a bad start, 14 February 2008

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*** POSSIBLE SPOILERS *** Finally saw this new series on Channel 7, Australia this week.

I enjoyed the nods to John Thaw (Inspector Morse). Lewis' fall in front of the Jaguar when he leaves the airport with his new sidekick and the use of a character's name, 'Regan' (The Sweeney) were nice tributes to Thaw's most well known shows. Not to mention the instrumentals, played by a support actor during the show. Very nice touch for nostalgics like myself. :-) Will Lewis get to the magic 7 years? Yes, but only if Whately is given a new love and a new lease on life. The sad sack persona worked in Morse, against Thaw's crusty, upper class character, but as a standalone, it will soon become tiresome from a viewers perspective.

It would be nice to not see a repetition of David Jason's down trodden 'Frost'. Surely not all British Police Superintendents belittle their case solving Detective Inspectors?! Kevin Whately has a chance to better Frost, Inspector Lynley Mysteries and others, but he needs a new approach, or his long faced approach may not see him through.

Point Last Seen (1998) (TV)
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Give it a miss, 28 November 2007

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Realism seems to have been lost early into this movie. Why would any law enforcement service ever send a traumatised person into the field to find a child, when her own children are missing? Therapy? I doubt it. This movie wasn't bright enough.

Hamilton's hang dog look (Same as Terminator movie) was bad enough, but her endless droning had me muting the TV. Does she really need to narrate every movie she appears in? Sorry folks, but this viewer was lost in the first half hour. Sending two rookies out to hunt for the missing child, only to have them disappear 20 minutes later was beyond belief, considering the gravity of the situation.

Give it a miss and watch the 'Sound of Music'!

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Values - Where are they now?, 4 March 2007

A few IMDb commentators rubbish this movie to the max, but considering that a fair majority agree that it's a great piece of Americana that's no longer made, I think the Ayes have it and the Nay sayers lose.

Bring back family and community value movies, the likes of which are never made anymore. There's always a a bad-guy in the wings of modern movies. Spencers' Mountain has no such bad guy.

Sure, Fonda's script leaves a little to be desired and could possibly be called over-acting, but it's the story's warmth, wholesomeness and togetherness that makes it a great story.

And for the history challenged, Spencers' Mountain was made NINE years BEFORE The Waltons, so trashing it 'cause it had similar elements as The Waltons is simply wrong.

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Great old movie!, 8 January 2007

This movie screened today on BRIZ31 (Brisbane Community Television)

1949, Indianapolis 500 was in it's 33rd year. Mickey Rooney played the hard ass carby engine driver to a T! Sure, the backdrop of the great race track was exactly that, with Rooney walking around as if he was actually there, but let's face it, SFX was still 5-6 years away. :-) The story was fast paced and believable. Tough nut owners and their equally tough nut drivers. Punch ups were the way to settle an argument. Never mind a quiet talk.

An enjoyable yarn, with typical Rooney happy ending. 8 stars of of 10 from me.

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Not bad, 2 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watched this movie on ABC, Australia in the early hours of this morning.

Some scenes seem to end without much follow-up. For instance, when Patrick McGoohan's character is chased off the island. This movie was made a few years before 'Dangerman', but McGoohan still had that menacing look (Albeit ridiculous accent) that invited further storyline to that scene.

Betta St John (Related to the Producer?) was quite charming, although extremely naive. Definitely an unconvincing widow when her hubby is mysteriously killed whilst rowing his relatives home. (Another unexplained scene). Not a tear was shed!

Overall, a fairly harmless romp through a small fishing community of the 50's.

Easily forgettable.

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Could have been better, 4 January 2006

Charles Victor was an extremely likable actor, although very few films took advantage of his demeanor as much as the mistitled 'The Embezzler' did.

The story seemed to jump a little, as we are initially led to believe that Rio de Janeiro is his preferred destination, as he wanders past a travel agency. Instead, he winds up in a mediocre boarding house, replete with the usual British classes of boarders.

Yes, the story is a bit of a yawn, but as mentioned previously, you could do worse.

Screened on ABC TV, Australia - January 2006.

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Shades of Lumley & McCullum, 1 August 2005

Anyone remember the British made show, 'Sapphire and Steel', back in the 80's with Joanne Lumley and David McCullum? Some of the stories lines in DW are eerily similar. The only thing missing is the clap if thunder and the voice announcement introducing the two problem fixers.

Christopher Eccleston is brilliant in the title role. Just wish he'd forget the stereotype label and stick with the show. His grin positively beams from his face. I hope David Tennant is every bit as witty.