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"The Mist" (2017)
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Cheap looking and wooden acting, 28 June 2017

I hope the show gets better but the first three episodes were pretty disappointing. The goth gay kid and the date rape in Episode 1 was really a bad start. The fact that the acting seems very wooden especially from the lead female actor is not the way to translate the novella. The CGI effects are just bad. They either need to spend the money required to faithfully adapt the book concept or at the very least have characters that the audience likes. This show has neither. I hope it gets better but I am not holding my breath.


The Witch (2015)
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There is nothing new to see here, 21 June 2016

The trailer did an excellent job of making this look creepy. Unfortunately, the movie did not have a scary moment or much interesting happen at all.

The ending seems clichéd, the acting was OK but nothing special, and I could have sworn I have a saw a movie from the 70s that had the same plot and identical ending.

I you really are a hardcore fan of horror movies, I would skip this one or wait until it is on Netflix.

I am shocked by the 6.6 rating it currently has. This feels like a movie that should have around a 4.5 rating.

I don't mind that the movie was slow paced but you have to make the slow pace count with an occasional creepy scene, something that makes the audience uncomfortable or something.

I give it a 3 out of 10 and feel like they should have rated this PG-13 as it is only barely R and there is absolutely nothing even slightly scary. The trailer was 100 times better than this stinker.

Deadpool (2016)
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Just non stop jokes that mainly fall flat (NO Spoilers), 16 February 2016

First off, I do not read comics so I do not know the source material, I am not a fan-boy of Marvel or DC I just want to see entertaining movies, I may be in the minority at least during it's first week of being in theaters but I wanted to write a review to warn others what Deadpool is like.

The movie is honestly a nonstop exercise in profanity with a lot of sex jokes and masturbation jokes especially. I am fine with low brow humor when it is funny. The writers just seem to have Reynolds throw out as many wisecracks as possible and hope that some are funny. I think anyone over 30 will be bored with the jokes. There is nothing that offends me from hearing all these jokes but rather bores me because the lack of humor. It is very much like having to listen to some teen kids try to show off by using non stop profanity only to realize they are just making themselves look dumb.

The plot is nothing more than a simple background (origins) story and it is run of the mill. The movie has a lot of violence but nothing creative. The movie is very similar to Super and the Kick Ass movies. However, those movies were superior to Deadpool on every level IMO. The movie also reminds me of the Vacation remake. The 2015 remake of vacation was pretty much one raunchy joke after another but they are not funny.

This movie may just be better for younger audiences but I still feel the 30 and up demographics are not going to find this to be a very good movies unless they are a fan of the source material.

I give it a 2 out of 10. It gets an 2 instead of 1 only because Morena Baccarin was a side character. She did the best she could with the limited material.


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There could be a good social commentary but it failed, 18 December 2015

I do not understand the success that Eli Roth has had. His movies seem juvenile and torture porn seems to be his choice.

If you have seen Cannibal Holocaust then skip this as it adds nothing knew to the genre.

This is about a bunch of wealthy (above average at least) middle class white kids that go to South America to boycott destroying the rain forest and end up getting caught by a Cannibal Tribe.

Unfortunately, the production company paid the tribal people money to act in movie even though they have never seen TV before. Lets just say it shows that they don't understand what TV/Movies are.

The sad part is that this movie really could have tried to make a very in-PC point that maybe the loggers are the good guys and the tribes (at least if they really were cannibals) need to be wiped out. It also missed it's chance to show that kids in college boycott things they know very little about makes them seem like the dumb people in this show.

I cannot guarantee that added a little more commentary in it would make it a better movie but I don't see how it can be worse.

Roth delivers plenty of gore like all his films but is nothing any seasoned film-goers has not seen many times before.

I truly believe with a smarter plot, perhaps more humor, and creating more of a thin line could have made this a much smarter horror movie and allow it to stand on it's own merit other than being nothing more than an update of Cannibal Holocaust.


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Good concept not realized due to terrible acting, 11 June 2011

I really do love horror anthologies and wish there were more made. I was hoping to be able to look past the budget and enjoy the film.

Unfortunately it is impossible to look past non professional actors and watch a film in which this will be the only movie the main characters will be in because it just makes you want to cringe wit every line of dialog spoken.

This has three stories and a wraparound story much like Creep show. The only story bearable is the final of the three.

The movie is not scary, has zero tension, and when it attempts humor it falls flat on its face.

I do not recommend this movie to even die hard horror fans. I do believe the stories could have been rewritten and made into a good little horror flick. However, this does not happen when you get your friends and family as the cast.

Frozen (2010/I)
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Don't be fooled by the hype **contains MINOR spoilers**, 14 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had heard a lot of positive reviews about this movie from the film festivals. I liked the very campy Hatchet which was made by the same director and also thought the premise of three people stuck on a ski life could be interesting.

Wow, how wrong I was. This movie is absolutely boring because 80% of the movie deals with three uninteresting one dimensional characters whining and not putting together a rational thought on how to get off the ski lift. These people could not think of using clothing to make a make shift rope Of course all of them left their cell phones in their locker and not insider the zipped compartment inside their ski jackets like most people do.

It basically is lazy writing to create situations that were supposed to create tension. The wolves waiting below the ski lift is laughable.

It appears that no one involved in the movies had ever been skiing and knew nothing about so many different things. Suspenson of disbelief is one thing and I can live with it as long as the movie entertains. However, this movie just draws attention to it's own stupidity by being so boring and having wooden characters.

You would be much better off watching the cheap made for SCIFI (SYFY) channel movie where giant mutant spiders attack the ski resort. I cannot remember the name of it right now but you can google it.

I gave it 3 out of 10 stars solely on the fact that think the premise was good and a good movie could have been made out of the basic plot.


Road Kill (2010)
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Silly (No Spoilers), 6 August 2010

I do not want to ruin the movie with the premise or the secret of the Road Train but I have to say it comes across as Silly. The actors were competent but not too likable. The FX were really bad in some places but I can excuse this due a low budget. The movie was soundly made from a technical standpoint.

However, the movie is not scary at all and really is stupid with the twist that occurs slightly more than half way through the flick.

This movie like all low budget movies has a 10 star review from someone obviously involved in the film at some level. No rational person who has seen more than 10 movies would give this movie more than 5-6 stars.

The movie is trying to be compared to Spielbergs very well made Duel and to a lesser extent Joy Ride. Anytime a movie comes out and the marketing mentions good films that it is similar to is the ultimate red flag. It is a dead giveaway the film is not good.

This is slightly better than most DTV low budget horror flicks but that is not saying much. I gave it a 4 out of 10 but will say the director shows potential.


Bronson (2008)
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No Clockwork Orange, 12 November 2009

This movie was advertised as A Clockwork Orange for the 21st century. That is an awful bold statement to post in the previews (although it supposedly came from a review).

I have to tell you that put some red flags up for me that they were trying to compare to another movie instead of trying to make this movie sell based on it's own merit.

If you are expecting anything like A Clockwork Orange then you are going to be disappointed. This movie lacks the acting, cleverness, depth, and themes that made A Clockwork Orange one of the greatest motion pictures ever made IMO.

This movie does have a pretty decent performance from the lead character but suffers from poor writing and a lot of unneeded scenes that add nothing to the film.

I really feel like I know nothing more about what made Bronson "tick" after seeing the movie despite his monologues.

The movie does make strong commentaries about prison systems and justice but it does nothing to make it a memorable experience.

I gave the movie a 4 out of 10. Overall it fails but does have some decent parts. However, it is several notches below A Clockwork Orange.


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Do Not Believe the Good Reviews * *NO Spoilers**, 26 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was originally scheduled to be released in 2007 but test screening went bad. The writer of this movie also had penned the Superman Returns reboot which had bombed badly. The studio realized the movie is very bad and dropped it.

The only reason I am spending time posting is because of this continued trend of studio plans and viral marketing. It is real simple, the studio buys some critic reviews and compares it to John Carpenters Halloween (which is a joke) and then at the time of this review out of 800 votes, over 600 of the people rated the movie 10/10. That does not even happen with the Godfather, Shawshank, LOTR, and other top movies of all time.

The movie was so bad that the studio buried it. They are now going all out to try and sell this movie before REAL REVIEWS are made of the movie and word of mouth explains how bad it is.

There are no scares, no laughs, no tense moments, very little blood/gore, no T&A, etc. I don't mind it lacking the last three as long as it is a good movie but this is not.

I cant imagine who would like this. It felt closest to a knockoff of Tales from the Darkside the Movie without the real book ends and without decent special effects, some minor scares, etc. In fact, it was basically plot less and not tied together neatly. It was lazy writing.

You have been warned.

Camille (2008/I)
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Finally something original (No Spoilers), 17 January 2009

As most people I am tired of the by the numbers clichéd movies that Hollywood makes. There seems to be no creativity in Hollywood. Companies only want to spend money on remakes are sequels that have an audience built in.

This movie is a welcome change. It could be classified as romantic comedy for it's genre but don't let that turn you off this movie. This is a very original movie which is not like most things Hollywood produces.

If you are reading this, you already know the basic plot so I will not bother going over that. The only movies that come to mind to compare this to are "Interstate 60" and "Art of Travel" which are little known gems that take a different path than most of the Hollywood garbage.

This is well worth seeing if you are tired of watching more of the same.


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