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cash game style, 23 January 2006

Pros and amateurs front 100k of their own money to play a cash game at the Golden Nugget, (the players are actually the highest limit regulars from the infamous Bobby's room in the Bellagio, Las Vegas). The show has a lot of potential due to the uniqueness of the cash game vs. tourney play you always see on TV. I like the fact they are using the more popular pro players vs. the cash rich wannabee who can get lucky at times, simply as that. Some of the players you see: Negranu, both Brunsons,Forrest, Harmon, Chan, and Greenstein. these are the true and few real players who get the respect for high stakes. soon to be seen: Ivey, Hanson, Jett, Reese, Farha, Elezra, and many more. hopefully, GSN will finally cash in on this series that the Travel Channel, ESPN, and Bravo have already done with their respectable shows.