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Star Trek (2009)
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Great action Sci-fi, 16 April 2009

Last night, I managed to see one of the first public screening the new Star Trek movie.

When I read the that Star Trek was showing at a Brussels film festival (BIFFF) frankly I did belief it.

Allround good action Sci-fi that I think won't disappoint nor upset fans.

The long awaited J.J. Abhams reboot, is one for all the fan boys !!. I have say that don't include myself there, nor am I a great J.J. Abhams fan I'm interested party rather than fan.

The new film a reboot not an re-imagine, all the elements are there but a different cast. It's has so many nods the past that J.J. must a have stiff neck by now.

Basically, it's a journey to gather the crew & get them on the Enterprise. A journey that I found very enjoyable & I'm sure it stands up for someone fresh the Star Trek ( does such a person exist?) It contained a couple of interesting detours from world we know already but all familiar people (include Captain Pike in similar state to we last saw him )& places are there. The performances of Zachary Quinto(Spock) & Karl Urban (Bones) perfectly pitched to re-animated two well loved the characters.

It has left the new Star trek Universe in the position to boldly go to some familiar places it's been before ( but all of them )& take some very different routes with regarding to the crew relationships.

Mum & Dad (2008)
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Good Brit Horror Flick, 16 October 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed this ensemble piece, despite what has been previously posted the performances were good( newcomer included)as strange dysfunctional 'family'. Perry Benson( Dad) seems have relished in seedy elements of his character, and Dido (Mum)plays it with just enough detachment to make really creepy. As for character of "Birdy", she is just so evil & manipulative .. Oh she reminders of my older sister. Do think some of nuisances will only appreciated by a British audience(especially with regards a Christmas scene) or someone who has been stuck in an after it closes. Seek it out if you like your horror served with a wry smile.

Oldboy (2003)
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Excellent piece of cinema, 4 October 2006

Enough said ! It's film everyone check out reading the comments of others. A real roller-coaster of a ride, with twists & turns; plus a few nasty surprises. The script is unique, the photography great, wonderfully edited . The lead performances second to none, I just pray Hollywood doesn't try to butcher it as remake :( I don't understand how some people think it is awful without explaining the reason why. I think it is well balance film, which is well paced,with a opening / background story. I understand that some people may react adversely to it because of some of the elements of the plots. I won't add anything else, the tag line is enough without giving any spoilers away.