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Vegas (2012–2013)
Vegas, love it!
12 November 2012
I am very impressed with this show. From the opening moments in the pilot there was action and drama. The characters are based on real people who ran Las Vegas in the 60's when the town was emerging from the desert to become the mecca it is today. I enjoy Quaid's portrayal of Sheriff Lamb. I sure wouldn't want to tick him off. I like the balance that Jack Lamb (brother to Ralph) brings to the sheriff's department. There is minor sexual tension between Ralph/Katherine and Jack/Mia. One of my favorite vacation spots is Vegas (the other is Disney World), I am fascinated by the way this amazing town started. It isn't a surprise with the mafia connections but me being 47, Vegas was just getting started when I was born so all I know of that town is the colossal casino/resorts and attraction/shows. I am really enjoying this portrayal of how it started and am especially happy that the writers are using real life people on which to base the story. I highly recommend this show to my readers.

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Elementary (2012– )
Easy, It's Elementary
2 November 2012
I have not read the Sherlock Holmes books though I have seen the newer Sherlock movies starring Robert Downey and also some older Sherlock Holmes movies. If you expect to see that type of Holmes/Watson, think again. This Holmes is grizzled faced and tattoo covered. Quite physically fit and not hard on the eyes ladies. I like that they made Watson a female. The two contrast each other nicely and you don't feel the chumminess of the Holmes/Watson of other films. She is there to do a job to keep him from going off the wagon yet she also has compassion for him. As the series continues there is an affection though not romantic especially on her part. I like the pace of the show, it does not get boring. I also enjoy that as a viewer I am trying to see what Holmes is looking for but he is the master and just finds clues I never would think of. This is a well made television drama, but some die hard Sherlock Holmes fans may not find it authentic enough. I does make me want to read the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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Last Resort (2012–2013)
Don't Let This Show Die, It Is AWESOME!
22 October 2012
I started watching this show on my I-Phone ABC television app during my lunch break at work. I was floored by the action and excitement of the show. Even on that tiny screen the drama was palpable, so much so I was nearly late going back to work. I am totally impressed with this show. All of the characters are interesting and the cast is excellent. This is a show that keeps my interest and I look forward to the next episode. Unfortunately, the ratings have not been very good and there is a good chance it might not last the season. I URGE my readers to watch this show. I don't think the networks give shows like this a chance. Even I would probably have overlooked it had I not committed to reviewing all the new fall shows. I am not drawn to military drama but this show is not just military drama. There is intrigue, romance, conflict and much more. ABC does have a winner here and I encourage them to stick with this show. WATCH IT!!!!
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Revolution (2012–2014)
Electrical Connection
21 October 2012
This show is action packed and has some twists. You are not always sure who the bad guys are. Charlie is a tough girl with an attitude, but also gets side tracked by a good looking young man. This show reminds me of last years one season wonder Terra Nova. The world is no longer the place we all know and it is back to basics.... or is it? There are some mysteries here that I hope play out as the show goes on. I like it and gave it 8 stars as I have only seen one episode. I may upgrade or downgrade as the show continues. I do hope if it stays as interesting as the first episode that viewers will watch it and keep it on. So many shows left me hanging when they were canceled last season. It is interesting to imagine life with out power. Heck I couldn't even do this review! Sure we'd survive without Wii's, TV's, movies, cars and running water. We did it before right? It would sure be a learning process and I am sure we'd all be more than a bit edgy.
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Ben and Kate (2012–2013)
Blah Blah and TV goes off
15 October 2012
I just don't know if I am too old for this show or what, but the juvenile attitude of Ben is annoying and Kate is just a wimp. The friends of the two are just not at all interesting, especially BJ YAWN! Unlike the earlier review I did for "The New Normal" where the little girl adds entertainment value, the little girl in this show really doesn't add anything to the plot. If Kate was just a single girl living on her own without a kid the show wouldn't be any different. Some scenes don't even make any sense. I think I snickered once during the first episode, but after three shows I will be taking this off my DVR list. It is just not worth anymore of my time. I do not recommend this show at all.

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Animal Practice (2012–2013)
One Funny Monkey.. and that is it
9 October 2012
This show should be called Animal CRAP! When the funniest part of the show is a monkey then you know you have trouble. The banter between the characters is unfunny and sometimes goes so fast that if I didn't have it on DVR I wouldn't know what the heck they were even talking about. I have watched 3 episodes and I am now taking it off my taping schedule. It just isn't worth my time. I always found Bobby Lee to be funny on MadTV, but as Dr. Yamamoto, he doesn't even generate a soft chuckle. The only character I like (other than the monkey) is Dr. Doug. Angela just creeps me out. If I could give this show negatives stars I would. It gets a big fat ZERO!
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The Mob Doctor (2012–2013)
Let's Talk About The Mob Doctor
7 October 2012
I am enjoying this show and it fills in the Fox Broadcasting hole that was left by the departure of House. The dilemmas Grace must face to fulfill her debt to the mob, stay under hospital radar when she needs to use their equipment and also follow her conscience to her oath as a doctor put her in some tough situations. Does she kill a mobster on orders from the people she owes? How does she fix up the guy that she knows just caused a family great pain and anguish and still live with herself? Grace faces all this and more. The show is gaining an audience in the 3 or so weeks it has aired. The cast is good and the show is well done. The premise is interesting and plot twists are not always expected.

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The New Normal (2012–2013)
I Don't Love It, But I Don't Hate It Either
7 October 2012
I like the shows idea, and there are some funny parts of the show. I don't feel a chemistry between the two main characters, David and Bryan. They just don't come off as a couple in love and totally into having a family. Yes David is reluctant and a bit more reserved about being gay than Bryan, but even in scenes where they should be so natural if they have been together long enough to want a baby, it just doesn't feel that way. Goldie I like and I love her daughter Shania. The little girl is pretty funny. I am not sure how to take Goldie's grandmother. I feel offended by her comments about blacks, Jews gays etc. I know television has turned a corner with what is accepted, but I am not sure we are quite ready for Goldie's grandmother. One thing I base my liking of a comedy on is do i actually laugh out loud during the show. Alas not with this one. I don't think this one will make it but I want to see a little more of Shania before they give it the axe, so I will keep watching for a bit longer.

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Go On (2012–2013)
Quirky Funny
18 September 2012
This show is quirky but not, so far, laugh out loud funny. I've watched both episodes aired and have the next one on DVR. I enjoy the repartee between the characters. It looks like there is some sexual tension between Ryan and Lauren and perhaps Ryan and Anne (his assistance) which could play out later in the series. I like Fausta, George and Sonia (can you say cat lady lol). The character Mr. K is going to be a scene stealer for sure (kinda like other minor characters have done in other sitcoms). Will this last, I think it might. I am intrigued by it and even though I am not rolling on the floor laughing, I like the pace of the show. The characters are interesting as well.

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