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Paperman (2005)
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A film sure to keep you entertained, 17 July 2006

The Snyder Brothers do it again. Riveting dramatic comedy that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Winning performance by newcomer Howard Swengler--a natural comedic talent destined for stardom. Robert Snyder portrays his character infallibly--it is so believable that you have to wonder if his portrayal is not completely fictional. This film is a moving tribute to the late Eleanor Snyder, who co-stars in the film and who, in reality, was a fervent supporter of her sons' film aspirations. Ralph Edsell, with his roguish charm, adds an intense element to the film. Philip Snyder's wizardly editing skills prove that he shows great promise and a unique talent that will surely be seen in several more pictures in the future.