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Beyond Punchline, 27 April 2012

This is not The Mighty Boosh. Analogously quoting Andy Warhol in episode 2: "I'm not The Mighty Boosh, I'm Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy". Don't expect punchline humour here. Prepare for an experience instead. This one is not about punchlines and neither about funny skits, instead it's about psychic as well as physical hardship (i.e. pain) as well as pain in general. plus it's surrealist comedy dealing with everyday (media) stereotypes and other phenomena (where the hell does Daddy Push come from?). The cultural references in their abundance (blatant clues all over the place) aren't always easy to catch for someone continental, but they're just the icing on a psychedelic fruit cake. Everything is so garish, so absurd and at the same time so painful and intimate (yes, intimate!). Imagine Ren and Stimpy combined with Flying Circuses's awkwardest moments. I can do without further comparison here. Watch and behold, suffer and rejoice, and don't be ashamed of any of your reactions. Especially when watching the Dondylion sketches you may as well cry a little bit. It's appropriate. Appreciate what you got. It's the work of one crafty Noel Fielding, the Offshore European Surrealist. Why just 8/10? Well, Dolly Wells might be the gorgeousest version of herself ever (I mean it, ever. Cigar!) in this cock-and-bull (watch the pinnacle of kinkiness in the "alien sketch" in episode 4) and Mike Fielding is as always the relieable bone dry sidekick, but some of the sketches are quite naff, like fillers that don't really tie the show together.

tl;dr It's new, it's unique, but it tends to wear off.

PS: E1 has one of the worst Michael Caine impersonations ever.

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Remember the Comic Strip?, 11 June 2010

This is utterly hilarious - satire fun big time. I laughed my ass off so many times... Adequate actors, great acting within reason - it feels like the Comic Strip doing a Fassbinder parody. Well done. All of the fun poked at the film industry and its surroundings, circumstances, people, ways of doing things etc. is just so over the top you just got to love it. Of course, it's some kind of statement or else it wouldn't be John Waters (remember "Pink Flamingos"?). I leave it to you to figure out all the innuendos and discuss them from an intellectual point of view - have fun! As of me, I enjoyed the film (at least, we had a giggle) and recommend it as such to everyone with some sort of substantiated background, an appreciation for the bizarre, and a general sense of off-color humour.