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Favorites is different than what i think are cinematic achievements.
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After 5 long years, major revisions are here. I'll be removing films that are not "cyberpunk" enough or simply awful films. Not to mention, there are many needed additions. However, I'll be keeping this light on the anime.

I'm editing the oldest films first and working my way up to present day. At the moment, I just finished **2010**.

I hope you enjoy. :)
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This is a checklist containing every horror movie that I must see with an IMDB rating of 7.0 or higher. (Minimum 1,000 votes). If it's not on this list, then I've already watched it. :)

some SPOILERS below
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Remember this is my list...
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this is a list of the 3rd tier horror films from the 80s. Tiers are based off IMDB votes.
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Title says it all! :)
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These might be good, these might be bad... That's for you to decide!
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Also including 2010.
This is my favorite movies from 2000-2010.
A little bit of everything here :)
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I'll eventually watch all these Korean films. I'm more interested in thriller/horror films.
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This is a list of movies I must watch soon!
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Most of these titles are barely recognized outside of horror groups.
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Some of the more recent horror films that I must watch.
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Disclaimer: I thought the almighty King's Speech was boring. While I thought Inception was good, I didn't think it was great.

Well then.. on to the list...