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Oh Great, Natural Born Killers Now, 27 January 2011

I guess the pull of the cheap, worn out plot-line won out on this episode. There's nothing less interesting than watching two crazy kids in love killing their way through the wasteland because their daddies either loved them too much or too little. As I have no pity for anyone who crosses the line into violent uselessness I could muster no pity for their situations as I only wanted them dead (and now).

Siena Goines is a better actress than the prototype of Juliette Lewis so the episode had that going for it. I'd normally compliment the rest of the cast but everyone else stood there stunned by the headlights of the Natural Born Killers cliché.

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Horrible Sales Pitch For New Show, 21 December 2010

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I love Criminal Minds but couldn't stand the hard sell of new characters on this episode. It was as bad as a movie trailer where a wacky voice screams "You'll LOVE these guys!". Forest Whitaker is a great actor but I couldn't stop looking at his left eye. The other characters might have grown on me in a series but the cocky British guy was a douche to the bone. And a sniper too! Then Forest hops into his signature vehicle - a helicopter! Then they had the Criminal Minds people pair off with the new kids so you'll be able to compare and contrast. Thanks, Marketing Department! Anyoo, I love Criminal Minds but this one should be retired to the vault.

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Amazing Episode And Special Performance, 27 January 2010

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I've been watching SVU in order on Netflix and finally made it to Stranger in the 10th season. I enjoy reading user reviews at IMDb and saw that this one doesn't have one. It needs one so others will know it's a great episode with a winning performance by Ellen Woglom as Heather Hollander. It's an episode you should see twice so you can read the facial expressions of both Ellen and Natalia Payne as Nikki Hollander.

Two scenes in particular stand as as worthy of seeing again - the interrogation scene with Stabler and Benson, and Benson's scene with Heather in the hospital when the truth is exposed. Woglom shines here, hitting every note perfectly.

In the real world I don't think Heather's teeth would have looked so perfect and her social skills would probably be feral if not devoid of normal emotions, but why nitpick?