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a list of 10 titles
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I'm talking about best overall story, Screenplay has no place on this list.
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hard harder hardest.
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Not a question of how good or bad they are. Just a question of what's more or less popular. In this case the Least.
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Doesn't make them bad movies.
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Some are good, some may not be.
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That doesn't necessarily mean they are gone. Some on this list are still making movies, but It's like they are transparent. At least to me anyway.
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I'm listing the actors/actresses and the character names In the box. It's easier that way.
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who cares really.
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A list of all who had passed on that I miss. Some of which, It seems feels like they are still alive...but are not.
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the actor is listed, and if i can remember the character name off the top of my head, then i'll put it down as well.
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They play the Jerk really well. Or are they really a jerk hmmmm.

their are just so many who can play one.
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Movies that have central characters who are either very dangerous or just plain sexy.
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Let's Play some Basketball.
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Great movies, But not as popular as The Big ones.
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Now I love every bit of Quantum Leap. But here are some episodes that really get me.