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A Woman (2010)
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Boring and a lousy plot, 28 August 2011

I do not recommend this movie at all. I don't know what dafoe was thinking when doing this movie.

First, the protagonist is a girl that leaves her country, to italy, with a writer that only met a few times. I don't know if shes naive or so stupid.

Second, she tries to fulfill the role of the writes dead wife in a really annoying way. This movie lacks music, people and smart dialogue.

Finally, the ending is really disappointing.

The only good thing is the beautiful scenes from southern italy, but anyway its a waste of time. Don't bother watching this.

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Weak start, get MUCH better, 13 April 2010

If you get past the first episode, you'll start loving Spartacus: blood and sand. I really didn't liked the first episode, specially the dialogue. I thought it was just a excuse to use some techniques from the movie 300 and have a lot of blood, but after the second episode it gets MUCH MUCH better.

It's not a series for everyone. Spartacus has a lot of blood (fights, slaves beaten etc) and sex (hetero and homo) that can disgust some conservative people. The depiction of rome is really good, with dirty people, lots of betrayal, blood, sex and search for power, so i think it really show how the times where in that time.

This series contains a lot of fighting scenes which are really good, very similir to the movie 300. There is also a lot of good plots, so i really recommend it.