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"The Nine" (2006)
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Fans of "The Nine" Want To See A DVD..................., 15 September 2007

If ever there was a fan base who deserved a DVD request, its the fans of "The Nine." Of course all of us know how badly this brilliant show was treated by ABC right from the very beginning (i.e. scheduling it - UNBELIEVABLY - in the same Wednesday 10:00 p.m. time slot) - the slot where many of ABC's previous shows were also prematurely pulled (a lot of us are "EYES" fans too, ABC). Fans of The Nine waited for months and months, believing ABC's promise that they would air the remaining episodes some time in 2007. We were patient - We trusted you guys - We had no reason to believe otherwise. We waited through spring, when it was first going to air;then we waited through summer thinking that it would be aired as an alternative to summer reruns. Several months later ABC finally aired 2 of the remaining episodes. Great! Fans tuned in on the third week back only to find The Nine had been pulled AGAIN!

ABC blindsided this loyal fan base. They did not keep their promise to us. Gee ABC...low ratings? Could it be because some genius at your network decided not only to do "0" promotion, but because the same Wednesday 10:00 p.m. competitive time slot was used? ARE YOU KIDDING US??????? Any initial gratitude we had soon turned to feelings of anger, shock and immense disappointment. ABC's message to fans of The Nine: "WE DON'T VALUE OUR ADULT VIEWERS, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE AND BREAK A NETWORK." Its as if ABC thought the fans would just give up (after waiting for MONTHS and MONTHS). Even the other networks allowed their shows to go an entire season, canceled or not.

Well ABC, WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE without some type of compensation to make up for a broken promise. At the very least your network owes loyal fans a DVD, AND some form of conclusion to the series. Perhaps a made-for-TV movie, as networks have done in the past? Yes, we know the actors are on other shows now, but we would be willing to wait for a time when they are either on vacation status or hiatus or whatever. WE'VE ALREADY WAITED THIS LONG, SO WHAT'S ANOTHER LONG WAIT? If this is not possible for some reason, how 'bout allowing fans to see the remaining scripts? You could post them on your website and you could also put them on the DVD (the one you owe us). If money is all this network cares about, FANS OF THE NINE WILL WILLINGLY PURCHASE THE DVDS. We LOVE this show and miss it terribly. Now there is virtually nothing on ABC for mature adult viewers to watch and that's the audience your network is driving away. So, at least consider this proposal ABC?!

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John Edward is the Real matter what the cynics think, 30 March 2007

Quite simply - John Edward is my hero and I was fortunate enough to tell him this in-person. For millions of people all over the world who have met John, attended his seminars, read his books, seen his t.v. shows, etc. we know what we witnessed and we know that John Edward is the real deal. Ever notice how the cynics (who have never actually done any serious research on the topic of psychic phenomena let alone attended any psychic seminar) continue to post negative messages in a desperate attempt to solidify their own beliefs (or non-beliefs)? What I would like to say to all of these cynics is that people who are content and fulfilled by their own religious and/or spiritual beliefs do not seek nor even need the approval of others. That is why you will never see any of John's viewers trash talking others (i.e. we don't care what others think...they are entitled to their beliefs as we are to ours - and none of us have any need or desire to convert anyone to our way of thinking). So you guys go your way....we'll go ours, o.k?

Moreover, "Crossing Over" was a milestone of a show and because of it's success there are now a lot of spiritual/psychic phenomena type shows being aired on various channels - two of the most successful being Ghost Whisperer and Medium (both are based on the experiences of real psychics). So think what you want cynics....John's viewers are intelligent, well-read and highly educated individuals who have researched this subject matter long before John Edward became a household name. And if any of the cynics ever do decide to attend a seminar (highly unlikely though) they will hear John describe in great detail how this skill is something that all of us can do (to different degrees of course) and how exactly his own skills evolved, as well as how the process works. Unlike fraudulent psychics (and there are many out there) John has never claimed to be an individual with special abilities that only he has; just the opposite in fact - he is forever telling his audience that we do not need him to do this for us as we all have the ability to communicate with the afterlife.

P.S. Thank you John Edward. Thank you for bringing my personal spiritual beliefs to television and to a worldwide audience. You are the Real Deal and you are my Hero...and that is good enough for me!

"Eyes" (2005)
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If not a return to t.v. then how 'bout a DVD?, 21 December 2005

Hello to all the "Eyes" fans out there. Seems like you guys are all over the globe and not just in North America. Great to hear. The bad news for all of us is that there's probably a better chance of all of us walking on water than there is for the network to give "Eyes" another chance with t.v. viewers. That doesn't mean that we should give up though and I hope everyone will sign the petition to renew this short-lived show. Our second option, which is more likely, is to have a DVD release of ALL the episodes. So how 'bout it guys? Can we all send a message to the powers that be and let them know we'd be interested in purchasing a DVD of this intriguing, smart and witty show. The Nielsen families do not in any way shape or form represent the more intelligent viewers and we're sick and tired of all these idiotic reality shows. We want intelligent shows like "Eyes."

"Vega$" (1978)
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Calling All Dan Tana Fans.................., 2 October 2005

I loved this show! VEGAS was one of the coolest detective shows on television and I've been waiting for it to arrive on DVD. So, how come there are other less popular detective show being released while VEGAS seems to have fallen through the abyss??? This "hot" show had everything: suspense,drama,a really "hot" car, an even "hotter" P.I., (uh,detective), great stories, interesting guest stars, and even a great theme song. Oh, and did I already mention that Dan Tana was HOT? Robert Urich (God bless him) was great as Spenser (for hire) and also as officer Street (on SWAT), but he will probably be most remembered for his smart, sexy, charismatic role as private detective Dan Tana. O.K. guys....let's let the studio know that we're waiting............

It's not too late for a follow-up movie (one with a decent ending), 27 September 2005

I'm writing this on behalf of all the "Fugitive" TV show fans who were as disappointed as I was at the abrupt ending to the 2000/2001 show. Some think it was suppose to be seen as a cliff hanger, while others think the story was concluded although in an extremely disheartening way. It's not too late to continue the saga even if it just means a single episode or TV movie. Like so many others I am completely baffled at the media's obsession with ridiculous reality shows, while intelligent programs just keep getting pulled off the air. "The Fugitive" was a well-acted, action-packed, FUN show that had a larger audience than the network seems to recognize. So how 'bout it guys? Is there any chance for a REAL conclusion to this exciting show? Even Gilligan's Island had 3 made for TV movies long after the show ended. THANKS so much and I hope that others who read this will also put in their two cents worth. Regards..............