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Beautiful movie, 20 November 2006

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The Notebook is one of my favourite movies. Not having seen it in cinema, and not having heard anything about it, it caught me off guard. It seems like this is just another summer romance, the age old battle between rich and poor people. I bought the DVD, preparing for a movie that put a smile on my face.

But, The Notebook did more than that. It made me cry, made me laugh and made me fall in love with all the key characters. The acting is amazing, James Garner and Gena Rowlands did an amazing job, as did Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. McAdams, whom I knew from her performance in Mean Girls, blew me away with her portrayal of a girl who is torn between two loves and thus two lives. She is a very promising young actress and had a lot of chemistry with costar Gosling, who also did an amazing job. The producers & director of "The Notebook" should be proud, they made each and every character in this movie likable, which is tough. Yet they did a terrific job! I feel that everyone should give this movie a chance, because it will certainly find its way into your heart.

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deserves a higher rating in my opinion, 21 June 2012

Honestly, the reason for seeing this movie was nothing more and nothing less than the desire to go to the cinema with a friend. With some other movies not interesting her, it was between The Lucky Ones and this one, both movies that have a low score on IMDb. I was pleasantly surprised, however, with not just the actors in the movie but also with the dialogue and chemistry on screen, which seemed very natural. I definitely enjoyed watching it and will most likely end up buying it on DVD; not even the fact that Chris Rock was in it bothered me, whereas I usually can't stand him. I have to applaud Jennifer Lopez too, I never thought much of her as an actress, but I found myself sympathizing with her and liking her portrayal of the character. Over all, I find that this movie deserves a higher score than it's currently got on IMDb.