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Snapped (2004– )
Proof that anyone can snap
7 May 2008
Snapped is a documentary program that tells us the true stories of women accused of murder. We learn a little about their lives prior to them meeting the murder victim, be it their husband, boyfriend, lover or the other woman. These women range from stay-at-home moms, grocery clerks, school teachers, law students, politicians to fashion designers; working class, upper class, wealthy. Social status doesn't matter.

We also learn about their lives with the victims and what drove them to murder. Their motives for murder are as varied as their social status. These women commit murder to collect on a large life insurance policy, to gain child custody, to get rid of an unfaithful or abusive husband or the suspect is an unfaithful wife choosing murder over divorce.

If you enjoy programs like Forensic Files, First 48 and Captured, you'd definitely enjoy Snapped.
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