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Brilliant!, 1 October 2005

Take Meet The Parents, turn it into a series, add a obsessed lover, add more humour and a dog in cement mixer and what do you get? You get one of the funniest series ever. I only happen to come across the series when i was just sorting my work out and the t.v was running. After i was just hooked on watching it.

It is terrific stuff! Series like these should be made more often though not out and out copies.

Ben Miller is top-class as groom-to-be. Ben Stiller had his moments in Meet The Parents but Miller easily can give him a run for his money. Top Stuff.

My grief that i missed the first episode of it. However, this is still without doubt a much watch for any comedy lover.

Ssukh (2005)
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better director would have done wonders for it but decent attempt., 3 September 2005

I watched this film and thought some may say the film's subject has been repeated before felt it was a decent attempt from Govinda considering he made it on a low budget with no really big stars or big publicity.

Personally i do not see why many critics and people complain about the subject being old. Look at films like Hum Saath Saath Hain, Dil to Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Haven't the subjects they been based on been repeated before? So why complain about Sukh when even directors like Yash Chopra, Karan Johar have picked themes that have been before? Beats me.

Anyway, what could have help this film is a better director. Govinda's brother Kirti Kumar (actual name Kirti Ahuja) directed this film and he has not been able to capture the magic he had in Hatya. Hatya remains his best film and this film doesn't change that. Unfortunately he fails as the director to infuse some life in the script.

Govinda does a good job. At least he has tried something different and to be fair he does do a good job. There is a certain honesty and sincerity about his performance especially towards the end. The only thing i say is he should get himself into shape. A fitter Govinda is much better even if the films are not doing well.

Preeti Jaganani is o.k, she looked comfortable opposite Govinda despite the age difference. They do share good chemistry and i hope they star together in better films and with Govinda trimmed down. Chunky Pandey isn't that bad but the chemistry and spark between him and Govinda is not as great as it was in Aankhen. Aarti from my view wasn't great but not bad either, i didn't really have any complaints of her character or performance.

The film shows how sometimes the simplest of men can become greedy for money in today's world and how trust and love is important for a successful marriage.

I don't think the film isn't really a film for teenagers or young adults. It is more aimed at the elderly and couples in their 30s and mid to late 20s from my view but i might be wrong.

The film is worth a watch for Govinda and the message it is portraying. A decent attempt by Govinda but direction would have made it even better.

My Rating- 6/10

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Govinda's film all the way., 24 June 2005

I saw this film recently and while it is not up to scratch the film is better than Waah Tera Kya Kehna! Priety Zinta does not really get enough scooper to show her potential but she does well with her bits and pieces role. Jonny Lever does a good job as does Razzaq Khan.

Kader Khan is his usual dependable self, Prem Chopra is Prem Chopra in some potions and o.k in others. Monish Behl gets his usual sterotype role. For me Govinda is the show stealer in the film, why wouldn't it be? Comedy is his strength.

He also looks much skinner in this role than Raja Bhaiya but that could be the fact the film was made in 2002/2003 where he was skinner than he is now. His dress sense is much better in this film as well.

watch this film if you are a Govinda fan and like comedy. Don't go on the critics review it ain't as bad as they say it is.

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Crappy ending ruins a potentially good film, 24 June 2005

I have been a fan of Govinda ever since watching him in Hatya, Marte Dam Tak and his comedy films. I also felt him and Rani shared good chemistry in Hadh Kardi Apne so i couldn't wait to check this film out but was left in sheer disbelief at the end. "How could they end it like that? Why? How could the directors, actors allow such an ending?" is what i asked. The only reason i could think of is the film-makers were trying to show how much a deewana pyar can be! And boy is pyar one shocking deewana! Just look at the expressions on the actors/actresses faces. Om puri is in sheer shock at the deewana's actions, Poor Rani starts to cry, it was too much for her to bear and Govinda is just left speechless with the end. Even the supporting actors at the end can't hold their tears back, the director had shown them " Pyar Deewana Hota Hai!.

To be fair to the cast most of them do well despite one of the most unbelievable ending's. Rani puts in a restrained performance and shows she doesn't need big banner films to do well. Govinda has shades of seriousness and comedy in the role and i actually liked it. He was funny saying " Baa baa baa" or "beh". I felt also he created sympathy for his character in the film where his friends make fun of his lack of education or when he gets chucked out of his job. If only the film's ending was better.

Jonny Lever has his moments. Deepak Tijori and Apoorva Agnihotri do not get much scoop. Om Puri is his dependable self. The rest do their job.

Overall Pyar Deewana Hota Hai had potential to be a very very good film but the ending makes it a average affair. It is worth watching for Govinda's and Rani's performance.

If you want to avoid the ending just do what i do whenever it comes on. Watch the film up until the ending and then change it over and assume all is well that ends well, otherwise you will be left wondering at the sheer stupidity of the ending.

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Good film but the characterisation of Reena Roy needed work, 19 June 2005

The movie was pretty good. Everyone acted well. Govinda shows he can do roles outside comedy. Jeetendra puts in a controlled performance. Meenakshi is a talented actress and this role doesn't demand much of her, she does well. Reena Roy does a decent job as well . This movie was a comeback for Reena Roy after three years, she had put on weight but shows her talent. Yet, her character wasn't all that convincing. For example her aunt who keeps trying to get her way keeps trying to brainwash Reena Roy and plant a seed of doubt about Govinda and Meenkashi. Reena Roy ignores but then starts to believe in her aunt because she was hurt when she suggests to Govinda about money for the temple and he suggest it better off going to the children's education.

It needed a better reason for the aunt to start her mind games with Reena Roy. The woman who plays Reena Roy's aunt is o.k. It would have been better off Aruna Irani, Lalit Powar or Shashikala doing this role.

Overall, not a bad family movie. I like it and would suggests it being watched on a weekend when you have nothing better to do.

"Ramayan" (2002)
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Not good but decent attempt., 16 June 2005

Ramayan is no doubt a classic. But i felt disappointed in this one. There wasn't really a impact that the original Ramayan had.

The actor who plays lord Ram does a decent job while the actress portraying Sita has her moments as do other members of the cast but overall this wasn't as good.

The best scenes were perhaps when the Mantra tries to brainwash Kaikeyi against Ram. There are quiet a few where the hunchback tries to poison the young queens mind, more than the original. After Ram's exile and the Kings Death there is nothing special in the series i felt, others may disagree.

The actor playing Raven occasionally gets too loud but many actors tend to portray him as a loud character so he can't really be blamed. He makes a fair stab but is not as convincing when compared to the original.

Dolly Minhas the only actresses name i know plays Kaikeyi and is quiet good in the role but somewhere along the episodes she seemed chubbier than when she was earlier. Also the key scene of Kaikeyi finally being brainwashed by Mantra was not good. Mantra should have slowly turned Kaikeyi against Ram which was what happened in the original.

The actress playing Mantra does a excellent job and when she comes on screen you know there is trouble.

Overall, it is not bad but is not as good as the Original Ramayan series.

Naseeb (1997)
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Govinda deserved better, 16 June 2005

I don't know why critics panned this film and why hardly anyone went to watch it just because it was a serious film starring Govinda. At this period in 1998 he was the comedy king and people felt serious film plus Govinda equals bad movie. So when Naseeb came out the theatres were said to be empty. Naseeb by no means is flawless but it ain't bad even if the story seems outdated.

Govinda basically plays a rich alcoholic businessman who meets Kader Khan and makes him a close friend. One day while dropping a worker (Rahul Roy) off home he sees his wife (Mamta Kulkani) who happens to be his ex-flame. On asking of Kader Khan, Govinda explains everything. How he fell in love, how he went away to make money, how when he returned he witness his love marrying someone else.

Along the way there are some twists and turns and the climax which is not bad. The flaws are the set-up and pictureisation of the movie. It seems outdated and looksmore like a early 1990s movie than a late 90s movie. Also Mamta Kulkani has put on weight that ain't much but is noticeable. She does what is required but lacks the presence of a Karishma or a Kajol. Rahul Roy who disappeared for awhile then came back in the industry has an outdated hairstyle and miss-fires. He talks rather slow almost as if he is trying too hard to get every word right. It would have been better off if a Anil Kapoor or even a Sunny Doel done this role.

For me the film runs on Govinda. Given perhaps the best serious role since Hatya. Govinda real does show he has the talent to shine. There are scenes where just the use of his eyes portray his emotion. In light comedy he is the usual brilliant Govinda. He also has some good lines in the movie like.

The best song is the title song which Govinda portrays beautifully.

Kader Khan is good and shares good chemistry with Govinda. Shakti Kapoor main line is " Rama o Rama", he is OK.

Overall Naseeb is worth watching because of Govinda. He does show his talent in this film, just a shame people never really gave this film or him a chance for that talent to be shown to the public.