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best and most heartbreaking film of all time, 17 June 2010

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My fave film of all time

Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar is one of the best performance's of all time, he IS Ennis. every bit of heartbreak is seen on his face, the way he walks and talks are all spot on Jake's performance is also amazing but cos its not as central as Heath's is sometimes over looked, which is ashame because he does give an amazing performance as the more open and optimistic Jack Twist The supporting cast is also great especially Michelle Williams as Ennis's long suffering Wife Alma, she gives a quiet but equally as powerful performance as the two lead actors this film affected me in a way like no other had done before and stayed with me for weeks after i saw it for the first time, in fact its the first time I've ever cried watching a film i can't believe its not in the top 250 on here! you must see this film it might just change your life,like it did mine, lots of people say Heath's Joker was his best performance and while it was amazing i do think the people that say that haven't seen Brokeback Mountain

Mo (2010) (TV)
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An amazing actress plays an amazing woman, 1 February 2010

I've always thought Julie Walters was amazing and loved Mo Mowlam, so the channel 4 drama 'Mo' really was the perfect combination. it was sad, tragic, happy, funny and showed that Mo was a very funny and quick witted lady, even during her illness Julie Walters Performance was spot on and shows why she one of the best loved actresses in Britain, this can't have been an easy role to get right, playing a real person must be hard enough, but playing a much loved woman who changed so many things and went through so much must have made it ten times harder, but she pulled it of, the whole cast was amazing but Julie truly was the star of the show, in the two hours, i cried, i laughed, and a learnt a lot more about the truly amazing woman Mo was, everyone involved should be so proud and I'm sure Mo Mowlam would of been too, if TV dramas in 2010 are as good and moving as this, we are in for a great year of TV

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Michelle shines in this film, 7 October 2009

the best film of 2008!


Michelle Williams performance was perfect,a simple story of losing your best friend and not knowing weather you will ever see them again, the scene where Wendy(Michelle) discovers her only friend, her dog Lucy, has gone from outside the shop is heartbreaking, especially for a dog lover like me. that moment Wendy's very simple life falls apart, she can almost cope without a job, a car or money (although it is hard) but its when she loses Lucy that she breaks down, the stand out scene in this short film is the scene with Wendy sleeping in the woods (still having not found Lucy and having no where else to sleep) wakes up to find a homeless man going down her few belongings, this makes Wendy realise how exposed and vulnerable she is, the way its shot is brilliant, with us only seeing Wendy eyes through a blanket and her body frozen in fear! heartbreaking and amazing at the same time, A must see, Michelle Williams performances just get better and better

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loved it, 9 August 2005

i loved it!!!!! the storyline was great! they all looked so funny in the school uniform and i loved the girls drawing on mos face when she was asleep great to see all the classic story lines in the flashbacks the 'you ain't my mother' storyline was amazing! and Michelle is so different from zoe! still really pretty though a must have for any fan of the slaters! all the actors were great I'm gonna watch it over and over again I'm so glad i got it its my new favourite DVD well done girls it was great buy it now! its funny,witty and sad all at the same time and you could tell they made some of it up as they went along it was great fun to watch and looked great fun to film i loved them dancing to 'sisters are doing it for themselves and kat chatting up the policeman and them moaning about everything and the way they kept asking for this classic!