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Must See Film, 28 May 2005

I will tell you almost nothing about the plot of this film. It's too good to ruin giving away any details. I saw this film in 04 at the SF Intl. Film Festival, and of the 15 or so films I saw, this was by far the gem of gems. It's visually spectacular, clever, funny at times, you don't see it all coming as layers peel away, there's love, tension and it's truly what film making is supposed to be about. (Hollywood, take a memo!)You'd have to be a stone to not enjoy this film, and on so many levels. It is set in an industrial town in Brazil, the characters are every day people, and the lens of the camera takes you on a ride you will remember. The Director has done videos before this, and brought a very contemporary style and language to the film making process. This is not a melo-drama or dark and heavy, but it's exquisite to watch and really what film making, art-making should be about.

See it in a theater, rent it if you can, but see this film!!!