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Gerald's Game (2017)
A Waste of Time
29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't believe they made a movie like this. Same old tired theme of parental abuse that somehow tries to get linked to a story about a woman who is chained to a bed for kinky sex with her husband, who has a heart attack and dies.Then that's linked to some necrophiliac murderer... The rest of the movie concerns her trying to get free from the handcuffs, and thinking about an episode of paternal abuse she had when she was twelve. No, I'm not making this up. That's what this piece of crud is about. Netflix really can't seem to come up with anything decent on its own. They copied House of Cards from the UK and almost had a good series, but then they veered off the original story, and ruined it. I couldn't believe it when I saw that it was based on a novel by Stephen King. Then again, he hasn't written anything very good for some time now...
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Terrible dialogue, plot, acting, direction camera work and lighting.
17 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know how anyone could consider this a good movie. The plot made no sense. The dialogue was terrible. The lighting was too dark, even if it was going for a pseudo-noir effect. The camera had trouble following the action in the fight scenes, and the director must have been asleep to let all of this take place. It started out okay, but why did he have to lie about being a cab driver, and not tell customs he was a detective? He didn't know that his sister was dead yet. Why did he only bring $600? Why couldn't he involve the LAPD if he was a detective? The second half was so convoluted, it made no sense whatsoever. Terrible movie!
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Death Note (2017)
I never saw the original, and still thought this sucked
28 August 2017
I never saw the original, and still thought this movie was terrible. The actors didn't even seem to be acting; just reading their lines as fast and as quietly as they could. There was no sense of tension building up in the film; the chase scene just seemed thrown in to try to add some excitement. I know that most US versions of Japanese fiction are bad (with the exception of Ring), but this film just seemed like a rushed, beginner's attempt at making a film. Wingard has made some good films in the past, but this is not one of them.I don't even feel like watching the Japanese TV series on Netflix after seeing this pitifully directed and acted mess. The music was horrible, also.
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All you ever needed to know about Roger Stone, and politics for the last 50 years...
13 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Netflix really scored big time by releasing and airing this doc on Stone. It's going to be talked about a lot, and probably for a long time, which will make RS very happy, and increase his fees.

It seems the central point might be that hate, and beyond that, fear, might be the most powerful force in the US today, if not the world... RS has gleefully exploited that observation, and built a career around it.

The doc makes it clear that RS had a lot to do with getting our current prez elected, and hints that he might have been involved with the story that is in the news at this moment.

This was five years in the making, and was started when RS was on the outs with the Republican Party, and was relegated to working for foreign dictators.

Even the filmmakers didn't know that Stone was going to be back in the limelight again by the time the film was being finished.

You might as well see the film now, because it's going to all anyone will be talking about for the next few weeks...
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Let's Be Evil (2016)
Don't Waste Your Time
16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Somehow the makers of this film managed to get seventy six point three per cent of the voters to give this piece of crap a rating of ten. The Internet Movie Data Base's rating system must be deeply flawed for a movie like this to get anything higher than a two. It started off like it might be a decent flick, but after fifteen minutes you realized it had terrible acting, plot, dialogue, music, direction and writing, and you thank God that you had something better to do with your time than follow a camera flying down corridors, air shafts and whatever else, than watch this poorly made and conceived movie. Until I got Netflix, I didn't realize that the UK could make even worse movies than they make in the US.
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Paranoid (2016– )
OMG! this was worthy of Ed Wood Jr.!
6 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you watch this series and think of it as a comedy, you'll have a great time! It had the worst acting, direction, WRITING, and camera work that I've seen since something like Planet Nine From Outer Space. Every single character in it is ridiculous, all the actors are ridiculous, the writing by series creator Bill Gallagher is absolutely ridiculous. I guess you'd have to blame the directors also, but it's as if there were no directors at all. It's as if the actors were not told how to act, and were left to act any way they felt like acting. We were howling with laughter at the ridiculous dialogue, and it never stopped until the eighth episode, which Bill Gallagher didn't write, so he has to assume most of the blame for this mess. The directors must share the blame also, because they were responsible for what we saw. It was worthy of a movie like "Airplane", written by the Zucker brothers. So don't take this series seriously as a mystery, and appreciate the unintended humor of it, and you'll have a great time!
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Hopefully, this will presage a new movement in horror films...
30 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I happened to see some stills of this film on a website, and had no clue as to what it was about, but one thing I knew for certain; it was indeed a vampire movie. I looked it up on you tube, and found it through my Roku you tube channel, so I was able to watch it through my TV. The film's dialogue is quite memorable, perhaps due to the fact that the actors repeat their lines so often. It also contains a subtle political sub-text running throughout the film; cleverly concealed by having the director himself telling us it directly. However, the stunning performance by Tara Hunt in the lead role of an aspiring, multiple addicted actress is the highlight of the whole film. Her scenes with the other lead female actress, surpass even the late, great master of horror, Jess Franco, in their special interactive qualities. As if all of this wasn't enough, the film generously provides us with multiple alternate endings, pretty much covering any direction you would have wanted the film to go in.
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Cleverman (2016– )
Very well done series
29 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I binge-watched all six episodes of this first season, and found it very enjoyable. The writing was fine; all the loose ends are taken care of by the sixth episode, and the dialogue had a nice flow to it. The acting was uniformly good, and the directing was handled very well. It's shot very well, and the only thing mediocre about the series so far was the CGI on the monster in the sixth episode. I can see by the board and reviews that this has stirred up a lot of emotion regarding the plot and theme of the show, but not being from Australia, my review doesn't concern itself with that matter. Many of the reviews (both positive and negative) were done by accounts that were created four months ago, and this show was the only show or film that those people reviewed, so I think you can guess what that means...
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Dark (I) (2015)
Drama- not a thriller
25 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this on NF, and it was labeled as a thriller, but if you expect a thriller, you're going to be very disappointed. It turned out to be a very low-budget drama about a washed up 33 year-old model with some serious mental problems being left alone during the 2003 blackout in NYC. The building and the neighborhood are made to look very sleazy, so even though it was shot in Manhattan, it's probably supposed to be Bushwick, Brooklyn, like it said on her driver's license. It has a very uh, interesting first scene, but after that, it settles into a character study of the lead character. The only good scene after that is the scene where the lead walks home drunk from a bar, and is made fun of by some kids in the neighborhood. She starts yelling curses at them, and they start cracking up in laughter at her. Other than that, it's basically a one woman show till the seemingly tacked on ending. As usual with low budget films, there are the typical phony, ten star reviews by people involved with the film, so that sunk it down another star for my rating.
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Interesting, but basically talk and digging...
23 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was never aware these two sick animals' crimes, so I went in to this without knowing what this movie was about. A social work student is asked to act as an 'Appropriate Adult' for a guy in a police station who is dressed in a normal fashion, no chains or even handcuffs. The fellow speaks in a matter of fact manner about having problems with his daughter, who threatened to give LSD to her younger siblings, and the father says he loses control and chokes her. The fellow then is left alone with the 'AA' and makes some chilling remarks to her. The police are shown digging up the guy's backyard with him again, not in handcuffs, speaking knowledgeably about using some tools.

Basically, that's the pattern of the whole movie, and while it's kind of creepy, it gets kind of monotonous after a while, and I found myself wishing that the film would just end. Certainly, the two leads give good performances, but the director doesn't help them much in his choice of presenting the story in the manner of a play, rather than as a work of cinema.
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The Visit (I) (2015)
More found Footage garbage
30 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I would have given this a decent rating, but the found footage genre was over after Blair Witch Project. This David Blum just keeps raking in the bucks, because the budgets are always below five million dollars, and the kids will keep forking out their sixteen bucks for garbage, because they see the name M. Night on it, or Paranormal Experience Seventy Five, and as long as they can make forty million on it, they've made a thirty five million dollar profit on it, which is what it's all about anyway. Why hire great actors, great composers, etc.., when you can hire anyone who the kids can relate to, because after all, it's found footage. M. Night talks about creating great 'art' on the extra features 'making of' short, and what does he give us? Found footage. What a joke!
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Road Games (2015)
Fun to Watch Twice
12 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't generally trust reviews of films by IMDb users, and always go to the outside critics first before reading some of the reviews here. That really held true with this film, because the reviews seem to be fake(only one review listed for a person's account, and that review is of this film). I could be wrong about that, because maybe the user wants their other reviews to remain private, but this film seems to have a great deal of fake reviews that either give it a great rating, or a poor rating. I thought the film kept you in suspense throughout, with good acting and direction, although some of the writing seemed to have lines that made no sense,i.e. "You say tomato, I say open heart surgery"(?), and the mother telling her own daughter that she's a night owl, leading us to believe she's a complete stranger to her daughter. I saw it on NF, which had subtitles for most lines in the script (except ones that the director didn't want us to know), and this is essential for this film, because it constantly changes from French to English- sometimes in mid-line. Once you know the plot twist, it is fun to watch the film again, up to the the reveal scene, because you can appreciate the parents' reactions to their daughter coming home again. The expressions on the father's face throughout are particularly subtle, without giving anything away. You can also appreciate what an idiot the boy is as he ignores the truth about his new girlfriend over and over.
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En immersion (2015– )
A black and White Comic Book
7 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I expected a lot more from this after watching the wonderful French TV crime series "Spiral", but Deep played like an overly melodramatic satire on the film noir genre of the 1950s. The pacing was so rushed that we couldn't stop laughing at event after event piling up on one another. It almost seemed like a silent film that was sped up because of the filming process, but unfortunately there was too much sound; an overwrought score that telegraphed every event in the movie before they would happen, and ridiculous dialogue that seemed like it was trying to outdo Roger Ebert's "Beyond The Valley of the Dolls", or the hilarious filming of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead". It wouldn't be fair to blame the actors, because the writing, direction, cinematography, music and the ridiculous pacing of the film, all made it impossible to give anything resembling a good performance, so it made them seem like a bunch of yammering idiots. If you like watching train wrecks like the above mentioned movies, you'll enjoy watching Deep; at best you won't find it boring.
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Pretty funny noir spoof
30 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
While this mini-series wasn't as funny as some of the best SCTV spoofs, it still had enough laughs in it to make it more watchable than most of what passes for comedy these days. To fully appreciate it, you should be somewhat knowledgeable about film-noir and jazz from the 1950s. There are references to 1950s jazz musicians like Wardell Gray, a tenor sax player who was mysteriously murdered in the desert outside of Las Vegas. They never found Gray's killer, so the writers borrowed that case for the plot of this TV show. There are a lot of other jazz in-jokes in the dialogue, so I can see where many people would find this mini-series baffling or boring. All of the performances in the show are fine, though some of the writing leaves the actors with some pretty lame lines in regard to humor. There are a few things that didn't make sense, such as showing the two detectives knock on Rock's door twice, J. Edgar Hoover's arms flailing around towards the end, and Will Ferrell's character just staring into the camera at the end, but they didn't have much of a negative effect on the show.
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Excellent crime drama showing growth of far Right in the former E. Germany
11 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Only three episodes are available on Netflix of this German produced crime drama concerning the growth of the far Right movement in the former East Germany, but they are about an hour and a half long, and contain a detailed look at the movement from three vantage points: 1) Three members of the far Right movement 2) Victims of their insane violence 3) The nightmarish police investigation of the murders by the movement, hampered by brutish political roadblocks that force many dedicated officers out of their jobs.

The direction, writing, editing, and acting are superb; bringing out the the painful transition East Germany went through following German unification from Communism to Democracy, as experienced by the three groups mentioned above. The frightening rise of the Neo-Nazi movement is shown as a result of the intolerance of foreigners, disillusioned young people, and that insane nationalistic streak so prominent in certain Germans. The horrible result of the 'German X' is depicted through the suffering of a Turkish immigrant family when their patriarch is murdered by three members of the far Right movement, who were the focus of the first episode. In the third episode, the police investigation by a fractured police force composed of former Stasi officers, and new political appointees, both targeting each other. As a result, the investigation of the slew of murders of Turkish businessman takes eleven years to finally find the culprits, but that is only achieved when two of the murderers supposedly, and mysteriously, commit 'suicide', and the third culprit turns herself in.

The eleven years the 'terrible trio' went on their murder spree are not shown in the series, and I suspect they will be the subject matter of the following episode.
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Not as thorough as I would have liked...
3 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this on streaming NF last night, and didn't find any reviews of this doc anywhere, so I didn't know what to expect.

It turned out to be about a story I vaguely remembered hearing about on the news; a guy who was impersonation a scion of the Rockefeller family.

However, that was just the surface of the story, as this German citizen had been impersonating and lying his way through life in the US since high school to become a part of of the wealthiest circles in places like San Marino CA, Greenwich Conn., Wall St. NYC, Boston's 'Cafe Society', and some wealthy enclave in New Hampshire.

If that was all he did, it would be just a benign story of a social climbing parasite, who used lived off of two high earning women to fund his escapades. But the fact that he murdered at least two innocent people, and hacked up their bodies so completely, that one of them was only discovered because the house owners decided to dig up their backyard to build a swimming pool, revealed that this man was a murderous sociopath, who would stop at nothing to achieve his ridiculous goals in life.

I felt like there could have been more included in the doc, considering two books had been written about this guy, and Lifetime even made a docudrama about this man, from the POV of one of his wives.

The second body, the first victim's wife, was never found.
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Quirky slasher satire
6 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I had just finished watching a terrible Troma satire on the same type of genre flick, "Decampitated", when I saw this one right after it on a Roku channel. I was surprised to see a very clever, imaginative, and most of all hilarious satire of the 'slasher in the woods' genre. Instead of using the painfully obvious humor of the Troma film and the sequels to the Scary Movie franchise, this film came up with a very original approach to satirizing this exhausted genre of film. The pathetic characters in the film are almost cartoonish in their appearance and line deliveries, but they never degenerate into the unimaginative stereotypes seen in most if not all US satires. The two brothers; one an unbelievably obnoxious ex-child star, dance/exercise instructor, and the other a Dudley Moore type of character who has lost his voice from an accident caused by his jerky older brother, and who must speak through a miserable electronic larynx, invented by his idiotic older brother, are hilarious. This film creates its own insane little world, and remains darkly hilarious up to the end. It turned out that it was made by the son of the great British film maker, Mike Leigh, and even had Alison Steadman in a cameo role.
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Good One Man Effort
3 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The director also wrote, produced and starred in this film, so you've got to give him credit for pulling off a good supernatural flick on a low budget. The acting, direction, camera work, dialogue and score were all good, so it was a cut above the trash you usually see in these types of movies. There were some good rock tunes in it, but it also had some good orchestral/choral music for the historical parts with Lucifer, heaven, the angels, etc... The story line was similar to the Prophecy movies, but I liked the twist at the end, which added some more complexity to the typical good vs. evil plot. I also liked the fact that it struck a good balance between the darker and lighter tone of the film, which kept it from getting too monotonous.
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This actually took place in Bayonne, not Manhattan?
31 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this on Netflix, and I thought it was extremely well done, but it just didn't seem like most of the things that happened in the film could have taken place in the Manhattan of today. Too much of it took place right in the open, and I don't see how that could go on in the Police/Tourist State Manhattan has become, as the result of 24 years of the dictatorships of Giuliani and Bloomberg.

A film like Panic In Needle Park was done before the gentrification of Manhattan, so its Manhattan setting was quite believable, but the author of the 'book' this was based on, Ms. Holmes, said in an interview that most of the incidents this was based on were taken from her life in Bayonne, NJ. The brothers that made this flick met Ms. Holmes on the subway while she was doing some type of apprenticeship in the Diamond District.

I suppose that Ms. Holmes decided to set, "Mad Love in NYC" in NYC, because who would care about a book called "Mad Love in Bayonne"?

I had just seen "My Beautiful Broken Brain", and it seems to be a trend of having beautiful women who have gone through bad ordeals, starring in films about said ordeals. If both of these movies were about unattractive women, I doubt they would have had any marketability, hence probably wouldn't be made, but hey, it worked in my case; I wouldn't have watched either movie if their stars weren't so gorgeous!
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Seventy-8 (2004)
Something very different...
21 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I found this film on the Free Flix Roku channel, so it could've been a POS or an undiscovered gem. IMHO, I think it's an undiscovered gem. There are no reviews of this anywhere, but I'd call it a talented filmmaker's first film that attempts something vaguely Hitchcock related in its use of evocative B&W. Events that take place in the past are filmed in a kind of purposely dated looking Color, which generally is shot on what looks like home cameras. The events of the present are shot in a dark, evocative B&W that recalls Psycho; the lead character even reminds me of a Norman Bates-like character, only he is retarded (with an IQ of 78) instead of nuts. The plot is pretty original for a thriller/mystery/drama with no supernatural elements, although the ending is vaguely surrealistic, taking place in a movie theater with an audience all wearing black/white jester masks. The plot is also kind of involved, mixing snuff films with the main character's troubled past, and a economically devastated town. These three elements are mixed together in a very odd way, that you have to pay close attention to if you want to understand the movie. The acting, direction and cinematography are excellent. Though the music is kind of diatonically simplistic, it resembles Psycho only in the fact that it only uses strings, enhancing the B&W, dark atmosphere. There is also some resemblance to "Peeping Tom", in that everything is being filmed by mysterious characters who aren't revealed until the strange finale in a movie theater, where the marquis features the title of the movie itself as the film being shown!
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Rabid Love (2013)
The plot description on IMDb has a huge spoiler!
20 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Someone should change the basic plot description on IMDb, because it has a huge spoiler that ruins the movie if you were unlucky enough to read it before you saw the film! I saw this on one of the free channels on Roku (Free Flix), after being bombarded by the horrible garbage on Midnight Releasing that is rampant on free channels like this one, so maybe that accounts for the high rating I gave it, but at least that proves it stands apart from those other low budget films. The reason why I found this film interesting is because the director cleverly gives you no idea if it's a killer bear movie, a psycho killer film, or something completely different until the last 25 minutes, where all is finally revealed. It purposely messes with your head by showing scenes of people being attacked by something, but you're not sure if it's really happening, or just the dream/vision of one of the characters in the movie. The camera angles are very well thought out, offering some striking closeups, that you don't find that often in this genre. Setting it in the Reagan era was a nice touch, and that wound up having a direct influence on the plot twist, which I didn't see coming. The acting was competent, which also is unusual for films that come out of a non-studio, local area (Kansas).
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Artistically done psychological horror
16 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With all the insipid indie horror flicks out there, it's a pleasure to see a film made with more depth than the typical slasher flick. The direction, acting, cinematography and sound are all very good, and the dialogue is very natural, without the pretension that films like these sometimes resort to. It's classified as black comedy/horror, and its sense of humor is more subtle than an overt black comedy, because of its consistently dark and gritty mood, but the stereotypical detective with the cowboy hat, the satiric art gallery/party scene, the funeral home director(and his gray-haired son), who also acts as a forensic aide in a murder investigation, and other characters/aspects of the film are funny in a weird, Lynch-like manner. The score isn't really noteworthy, other than as a kind of sound design, but there's a good alt.rock song at the end that is worth listening to.
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Head Games (1996 Video)
B movie set in NYC just before it was 'cleaned' up
16 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was kind of entertaining in a sleazy way, because it was shot in the pre-Giuliani/Bloomberg/internet era in NYC. There are hookers roaming the streets, bikers, peep shows, and 42nd Street theaters in all their glory. Although it was released in 96, it was shot in 93, and then released on video later. The acting is not bad for a B movie, and the plot is kind of interesting, with its concept of reforming criminals with brain implants. Like all tolerable B movies, it has a good sense of humor, and the shootout scene in the porn store with the guy running out dragging an inflatable doll was hilarious. The direction and the writing were good, with some funny lines thrown in now and then. There were three or four very sexy women in the cast, and that played a large role in keeping it interesting.
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Mr. Hush (2010)
At least I didn't pay for it and got some work done...
29 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't believe how stupid this movie was; I really thought there would be a twist to it that would make it at least a decent film, but it just played out as if the director and writer had been lobotomized.

All they needed to do was make Mr. Hush a multiple personality of the idiot father, and he had hallucinated the priest killing his family, or something like that, but no, this thing played out as a straight plot! I don't give movies a one if they have bad production values, or a few bad actors, or a low budget, but this one looked okay, and had what seemed like poor acting, which I thought was going to be redeemed by the fact that the father was really a psycho killer. All you can really feel is pity for anyone involved in this film.
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Some good things in this...
13 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Although it didn't have the greatest plot, there was some really funny dialogue and good comedic acting in this, even though the presence of Ron Jeremy can hardly be called a plus in any movie. The camera work was pretty imaginative, especially in the scene where the nerdy looking woman with horn rimmed glasses and the guy she secretly admired were surrounded by the zombies. The camera circled around them very quickly, creating a psychedelic atmosphere which really stood out in the film. The characters were very likable, including the comic book nerd, the hippie chick, the Rasta technician, the pretentious film director and the blonde promiscuous girl, who had some good comedic ability. The director seems to be modeling himself on Robert Rodriguez by writing, directing, and even performing and writing the score to the film in the same grind house genre that Rodriguez sometimes does.
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