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My 200th review ! and what a review it is, 23 December 2009

WO-HO, this is my 200th review although I have been watching and rating other movies I just felt that well this was important that I commented on it. A while back ago in the late 1920's I believe an American movie which went by the name of A Birth Of A Nation,was realised the movie it-self was a racist movie in which members of the KKK where played out as hero's however it seems when the Turks make a movie depicting the horrors caused my bible bashing soldiers of the Bush Adminstration - ITS DEEMED UNACCEPTABLE. To put it in a plain way , this movie is bold film making and a feat for Turkish Cinema! I don't really care that it offends some silly fool who is justifying the US's role in Iraq in bleeding it dry of its oil. Unfortunaly most of us know the role of the barbarian US troops have played in their treatment of the Iraqi people (and yet they have the nerve to call Islam backwards). The acting is top notch, the message hard hitting to the bone, the overall layout of the movie might not be that great but it makes a very good point on a low budget of just 14 million ! Its might not be the greatest of movies put together and my Arabic,Turkish, and Kurdish is very very poor but like I said it makes the point loud and clear. To sum it up , no American will like this and I am glad that it will expose the right-wing, Bush loving , butt kissing Sarah Palin -John McCain loving morons for what they really are ! But to put it simply watch it and make up your mind its obvious its going to offend some people but the way the Muslims are being represented in the lime light these days I think people should know how it feels. As far as it goes it will be one of favourites on my DVD shelf.


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Woooow!!!, 27 January 2009

Tekken: Dark Ressurction was Tekken 5 realised for the PSP , and I am glad to report that yesterday I checked it out and I was very very impressed with the it. If your looking to get into Tekken then this would however be a lovely place to start as you have a whole host of players to chose from and also not to mention 2 extra new ones. If your a fan of Tekken then this little beaut is defiantly one to purchase and take away with you ! My only complaint might be that it is still another fighting game at the end of the day and it may get a little repetitive at the end of the day but an engrossing story line is worth checking it out for and each character ending is something different and worth checking out ! Highly recommended!


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One of the cartoons you'll ever watch, 26 January 2009

I remember waking up every Saturday morning and going downstairs and checking out Batman , I managed to just watch some episodes of it on DVD today and it is easy to see where the inspiration for Batman Begins saga comes from. This is not only a cartoon for kids but its adult themes also make it a pleasure for the older audience too. The use of dialogue and not to mention colours which give it the Gothic feel to it make The Batman a force to be feared! The villains are truly villainous and not comical to the cartoons we have these days , some can actually be scary for children but then the producer don't really go all the way with them as we are dealing with a children's cartoon show here. All the people are portrayed as 3-D people with personalities of their own whether it be Robin , Mr.Freeze and especially a complex character like the Riddler was handled. To sum it up, this I would say was golden part of my childhood re-visited and I am glad to say that I have not lost any respect for it! Fans of the new Batman should defiantly check this out.


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Just simply amazing, 26 January 2009

For many Ghost in the Shell is a very special movie , including me as I was just began checking anime out and well Ghost in the Shell was the one that did it. However my previous attempts of watching it were failed but then yesterday I was glad to report that I sat right through it and am glad to say that it is nothing short of a breath taking experience. The strange thing is that it was made in 1995 but it still feels so advance for its time and yet it has still not lost any of its shine. Ghost in the Shell sucks you in with its seductive music , use of graphics but then makes one think and about life and other forms of social commentary. All I can say is that this has to be on your 100 movies to watch before you die list , the only thing that I would ask the viewer is watch it with a clear mind , you have to want it to get it !


Blade II (2002)
A very good follow up, 24 January 2009

I loved the first Blade movie, it had all the correct ingredients to make an excellent action movie. I was also happy to say that Blade 2 is also good, if not that little bit more stylish visually than the first. This time the plot focus on Blade helping his sworn enemies take on a new breed of vampire , basically like a James Bond movie we have a straight forward plot , gadgets and action which action make it all the more pleasure to watch and also this round we are take further into the Vampire Nation and we get to look at the world of and complex vampiric politics. There are also pretty solid and strong performances from Snipes,Pearlman , Krisoffen as we also get to see a lot more of the human 'side' of Blade and with good hints of comedy along the way which just make it great. So if your a fan of the comics and action movies and you enjoyed the first definitely give this one a shot , you won't be disappointed.

BLADE 2 : 8.1 OUT OF 10

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Can't believe they cancelled it!, 22 January 2009

Blade takes over from the movies following everybody's favourite daywalker taking on the undead and his quest for ultimate vengeance. I guess I could not complain about the weapons , action and babes which is probably enough reason for me to check it out and to be honest with you , it is not as bad as some people make it out to be. Kirk Jones is no Wesley Snipes but in certain places he seems to hold it well at times, the main bad guy Marcus Van kind of reminds me of Deacon Frost which in a way is a good thing as it lets us in further into the world of vampire politics and we get to see it works. The show had masses of potential as it warmed up , I was just shocked to see it cancelled.


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Entertaining but a let down in general, 20 January 2009

The first 2 Blade movies were excellent , it showed a war going on followed by the way we are taken into the war. However the layout was perfect for the third instalment in which we are taken against the Father of them all , Dracula. Unfortunalty Blade Trinty builds its-self up to be a little too big and thusly just falls down. The first big problem is the script and although I am aware it is a comic book movie , it just feels a little too superficial and thusly not very engaging. Be aware also that there are several plot holes in the movie which all go unanswered and Ryan Reynolds was a not THAT funny and lets hope his take on Deadpool is better! Wesley Snipes does a little more talking this time round but it feels with that he has lost that bad ass edge that made him Blade. Dominic Purcell was not the correct choice to play Dracula and although he looked as if he had tried , he was just given so little to play with that the interesting character that is Dracula ...just well seemed rather dull. On the plus sides , Jessica Biel was excellent , along with some excellent weaponry and action sequences which made this enteratinting and Triple H was fairly amusing as well although it felt like he was acting like a 14 year old with the insult he threw about. To some it up Blade: Trinty should of been the best one in the series but due to its very apparent problems it just goes out on a low, its not a complete waste of time and thusly I do recommend renting it.


Blade (1998)
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One of the best vampire and comic movies made, 19 January 2009

I decided to check out Blade after a long time , although it might seem a little bit dated by todays standards on SFX , Blade still is great movie in the sense of action style . Wesley Snipes was just absolute brilliant as the day walker him-self not to mention Stephen Dorff. Throw in lost of guns, blood , kung fu and sword fights and we have got a great action flick. Although there are clearly a few plot holes in here and a few unanswered questions but in general the movie works as it is a comic book based movie and there is a lot of info to cram in a short space of time but still that does not stop it from being a great movie.

BLADE: 8.6 OUT OF 10

"Dexter" (2006)
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Dexter rocks., 19 January 2009

I bought my-self season 1 of Dexter as a way of catching up with it as here in the UK we always have to wait till last until all the good TV programmes are shown and not only that but season 2 was hardly out on DVD here. I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase , rather having to stay up till late to enjoy , i got to enjoy it from the comfort of my bed. I think of anyone better than Micheal Hall who plays Dexter , his take on the ice cold serial killer makes him one of the most likable anti-heroes on TV what I really like about him is that there is probably one thing that we can see in there and relate to about him. The comedy is also funny and thats what makes it stand out and thusly makes you want to hook into it every week. Apart Micheal Hall the performances from everyone round are great it shows that the whole crew actually enjoy making the series. Dexter is another great show from the states and I am really looking forward to the next series.

DEXTER : 8.1 OUT OF 10

I believed !, 12 January 2009

I am a huge fan of the X Files and I was very happy to see that they had realised a second movie. The title and the set up right from the start sent a chill down your spin asking for it to be watched. I was aware of the negative press that people were giving this movie but being a fan of the Files I ignored it and continued to watch it any way. Its has all the ingredients for a great thriller but unfortunately it feels that a shoddy script just makes it lose marks straight away but also I felt the only one really pulling his weight over here was X-bit who I can't stand , Duchovny and Anderson just didn't have that feel that I am used to seeing from the pair of them. And although the movie tries to build up tense atmosphere with long pauses, it unfortunately just drags on and makes it lame. I am not saying that I want to Believe is a bad movie , I mean it was great visiting a part of teenage which I am glad to see has come out in 2009 and although as I still am a hardcore fan of the X Files and want to defend this movie , its semi complicated plot , shoddy script and average acting make this an average flick when we all know it should of been way more! Still give it a rent !


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