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Stylish but completely pointless, 21 March 2009

Well, my title pretty much says it all. I liked Gerard Butler's voice acting, he added a lot of presence and a sense of urgency to his character. The animation was stylish and well made. There was really nothing done with the atmosphere. Production values were high.

But unfortunately the story is uninteresting. There is no real tension. You get no back-story whatsoever. I have not read the graphic novel, so maybe this serves some kind of point, but standing on it's own I just cant see it.

So fans of the graphic novel will probably like it, many others will not. But it is short enough to be worth a watch.

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Great Swedish thriller, 4 March 2009

This film was very well-made with superb cinematography. The actors all portray their respective characters perfectly, although Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander, Michael Nyqvist as Michael Blomkvist and Sven-Bertil Taube as Hanrik Vanger deserve a special mentioning. They are all very likable and believable.

The films story is very exciting and puzzling (for those that haven't read the book) and the pace is steady with some really tense situations. The investigation part of the story is excellent. Although it is 2.5 hours long it is never boring.

The soundtrack was also very fitting and helped to set the mood of the film. This is far above any other Scandinavian thriller production, and I look forward to the rest of the films/series.

I recommend it to anyone!

300 (2006)
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Stupid and immature, 3 April 2007

This overrated film is supposed to be epic, but is not. The imagery is in no way breathtaking or even original. The actors are all underachieving, but Butler is worst of them all, shouting every line and overacting as if he was in a school-play.

The story is non-existent and there is absolutely no tension. I have a hard time believing that anyone over the age of 16 actually can enjoy this. It is nothing new, just a blatant rip-off of some Gladiator-parts mixed with a little Sin City. And not in a good way.

The action is not exciting at all. We are being spoon-fed cliché after cliché and all the action is in slow motion, which gets old really, really fast. And since there is no plot or tension, it is very boring. Plus, there is not as much action as a mindless action-flick like this should have.

No, skip this one. Or watch it and laugh about how bad it is, and get blown away by the fact that some people say this is a masterpiece... No one that knows ANYTHING about film would say that.

I came in with low expectations but was still disappointed.

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One of the worst so-called "comedies" I've ever seen., 20 February 2007

I rented this instead of buying it, and I'm really glad I didn't buy it, although I would have preferred not to see it at all. You all know the story, so I wont tell what it's about. But Owen Wilson is extremely annoying in this film. He is unbelievable, clumsy, rude and after one hour I wanted to throw something hard on the TV so I actually had to take a break. There are no jokes in this film, and that is kind of unusual for a COMEDY! I didn't laugh once. I didn't smile once. That makes it a bad comedy. It was bland and extremely cliché. You knew from the beginning exactly what were going to happen. That doesn't automatically ruin a film, but when everything happens in a boring way without jokes, then the film is ruined. Kate Hudson were pretty and nothing more, Matt Dillon were stiff and nothing more, Owen Wilson were absolutely terrible. Even Michael Douglas under-achieved, but that's because the screenplay was bland, dull boring, unintelligent and annoying. Did anyone actually direct this film or did they just let the actors sit on the set and read their lines?

I got mad watching this film, and I don't think that's the emotion the filmmakers wanted to create. A pathetic excuse for a comedy.

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I hate it!, 24 January 2006

This show seemed to be kinda good. Kyra Sedgwick is an OK actress and I like police series, but somewhere in the production this program went awfully wrong.

First of all, the writers should have more suspects than one, you know who did it EVERY TIME!!!!! That makes it boring. The main character is unbelievably annoying and its not believable in any way. I know they wanted her to be tough, but shes mean, stupid and a bad chief. The crimes are uninteresting and bland, and its just lame all the way. As stated above, I hate it....

All in all, this was a big disappointment and very bad indeed...