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Profiles with images, get priority. Please let me know of any Native, Metis or Inuit actors worth adding. Thanks
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More often then none, lists and forums dedicated to mixed Asian (AKA Eurasian/Hapa/Blasian/Quapa) talent in the entertainment industry are dominated by female performers as opposed to male performers.
That being said along with the fact that there are already many lists/forums out there showcasing the beauty and talent of mixed Asian female entertainers, I thought I would change it up, by creating this list that showcases and celebrates the ever growing talent pool found in the mixed Asian male community.
My hope in doing this, is to bring much needed and deserving attention to a group that is often overlooked in the entertainment industry.
You can help this list, by commenting your support, sharing this list online and of course by sharing the names and mixes of anyone you feel deserves to be on this list. I am doing my best to keep this list updated and accurate, but I know there has to be more mixed Asian male representation out there, so please let me know if I am missing anyone. Thanks!
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Here is my ideal casting choices for a live action version of the classic anime, "Akira".
Keep in mind this list is a work in progress and there is much more to be added, so bear with me.
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The victims of Freddy Krueger, in chronological order of the films, along with descriptions of their deaths. I have also included all implied/possible victims as well as the victims from the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

(This list is a work in progress!)