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The victims of Freddy Krueger, in chronological order of the films, along with descriptions of their deaths. I have also included all implied/possible victims as well as the victims from the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

(This list is a work in progress!)
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Here is my ideal casting choices for a live action version of the classic anime, "Akira".
Keep in mind this list is a work in progress and there is much more to be added, so bear with me.
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More often then none, the Eurasian, Hapa or Mixed Asian lists/forums are dominated by the female Eurasians, often ignoring the male Eurasian community. I figured since there were so many lists/forums out there dedicated to primarily female Eurasians, I'd change it up a bit, by showcasing and giving much deserved attention to the male Eurasians. I know there are probably a lot I have forgotten about, but if you know of any you feel should be on this list, please do suggest them! I will do my best to include their ethnic backgrounds as detailed as possible.
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Profiles with images, get priority. Please let me know of any Native, Metis or Inuit actors worth adding. Thanks