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Where'd this film go?, 27 July 2006

My children and I loved this film. It dealt with promises, responsibility, sibling conflict, generational differences and yet it all made sense.I first saw it on something like "Hallmark Hall of Fame". It was a surprise to see Bill Calvert playing a role. I met him a few years earlier in South Pasadena, he was an aspiring script writer, all of 16 or so, living with his mom and brother. When it repeated, I taped it. My 2 children were rooting for the goose, supportive of the boy, and fearful of the promised dinner that the goose was bound for. The flexibility of compassion and common sense prevails. P.S. My ex-wife burned the tape as she believed that the swimming scenes of the boys was inappropriate for a 'family' audience. Looked OK to me and my kids. Go figure. I really wish it would be re-released. We all need a break from the mindless chatter of today's 'civilization'.