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In this list I'm ranking only his directed movies, haven't seen 'Five Days' or his Masters Of Horror TV segments as I have not seen them so here goes...
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A list of what I personally think are the best Friday the 13th movies to worst and plus I have added new commentary to the movies/
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This is a list of my Top 50 Slasher movies of all time, no sequels or remakes included. Updated again to include Evil Dead Trap and The Red Queen Kills Seven Times and taken off Valentine and The Evil Protégé.
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Starting the brilliant part 1 and ending with the awful remake now with added commentary.
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A list of my fave Leatherface movies, including the latest one added to the list and plus new commentary to each movie.
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This is just a list of famous people who started out or one of they're early roles in a slasher movie in no particular order, please feel free to suggest any whose not on the list
I've added a few more names and commentary but it's not finished yet
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Here's a list of every horror movie in my collection
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