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Eve's Bayou (1997)
One of the most beautiful movies ever
9 June 2005
This has to be one of the most well shot and directed movies I've ever seen besides the GodFather I &II. The acting in the movie was excellent. Jurnee Smollett is an excellent actress as well as Debbi Morgan - both should have been nominated for an award. The cast well picked. Samuel L Jackson character created a love/hate relationship with me. The women were absolutely beautiful.

What is amazing is that this movie did not receive any type of nominations or honorable mentions, much less advertisement when it originally came out. I am amazed how the script of Good Will Hunting was nominated for an Oscar and more amazed that it won. Kasi Lemmons thank you for such a beautiful film.
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Romeo! (2003–2006)
Terrible show except for Erica O'Keith
9 June 2005
The only cast member in this show that has talent is Erica O' Keith, a great deal of talent being wasted on this show. Everybody else on this show is a joke. Victoria Jackson's 15 minutes of fame should have ended a long time ago. When did Master P (Percy Miller) become a family values man and his son Lil' Romeo couldn't act to save his life. The show is slow and boring. Television, movies, and music has become a joke. There's talent out there but it's easier to manufacture images rather than talent. Maybe Erica O' Keith can get on That's So Raven. I think this show was trying to use some elements of that show for the Romeo show with a male lead. The show could have possibly worked with better cast. I am amazed it lasted as long as it did.
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