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Full contact, outright combat... which one would be the Ultimate Fighting Champion?
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Which of these movies, which depict a future that is now in our past, is your favourite?
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Your time machine has only enough room for one terminator model to be sent back in time to protect your younger self. Which one do you send?
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Who is your favourite Star Trek bad guy?
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What is your favourite movie about football (soccer)?
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Who was your favourite Star Trek 1st officer?
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A list of my personal favourites from when they were first released or when I first saw them. Sci-fi movies tend to age and it's a little unfair the way they're rated at times.
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A list of the greatest sports movies ever made.
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A list of well known Scottish actors.
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Strictly no A-listers (unless they've become so after publishing this list). In no particular order either.
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A list of Germany's most beautiful actresses
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A list of movies that when made were depicting a future date that has now passed.
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Just a list of my own personal favourites
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In my own humble opinion of course...
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Movies I've geuniely tried to watch and ended up leaving before it was finished, (or pressed the stop button).
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A list of my favourite remakes that surpassed the originals (in my humble opinion).
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A list of the worst remakes of all time!
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A list of my favourite movie posters from the last 30 years or so... (not necessarily great movies, just the posters).
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A list covering the dumbest plots, most unrealistic and scientifically implausable movies ever.
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A list of the greatest movie endings ever... or twist near the end.
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Do you believe that torture is inhumane and barbaric, but still feel the need to extract vital information from your prisoner? Show them these titles and they’ll be singing like canaries within minutes!