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The Butcher (2009)
Dark and gritty crime drama.
27 September 2010
I had no expectations for this movie. From the title I guessed it was a B-grade slasher flick of some kind.

What I got was something completely different.

The Butcher is a dark and gritty story about a man with nothing to lose, made in the style of the classic movies of the same kind in 70's.

Eric Roberts is good in the title role and most of the actors do their job quite well.

The action is raw and naked without being over the top and the overall feel and atmosphere is gritty and dirty.

I recommend this film for people who like gangster and action movies from the 70's.

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Potlach (2006– )
Hilarious and sadly unknown show.
18 January 2008
This french animated show is about a bunch of animals living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. There are no humans around so the animals are in charge, but there's not much time over for farming because the life on Potlach is not always as easy as it may seem. There are lots of love-affairs, jealousy, parties, fights and friendship going on all the time. The animals all are unique and different characters, well except for the 10 sheep that all look and think exactly the same and are named 1 to 10. The show is made like a reality show, where the animals are interviewed in a sofa, always hilarious. There's really not much more to say, if you get the chance, watch this show!
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The Dark (2005)
Confusing but not bad at all.
18 January 2008
I saw this movie with no expectations at all. I just recorded it from TV and it took a month or two before I had time to sit down and watch it. The first thing I thought of the first minutes of the movie was how much it reminded me of the Silent Hill-movie (wich I love) the whole mother and daughter in the car-atmosphere really felt like Silent Hill. I guess it's a complete coincidence that the fantastic Sean Bean happened to play the worried father in this movie too. Well, what can I say about the movie? It's sort of scary in some parts. But the movie is more interesting than scary, you want to know what is going on with this family. I can't really say I understood all things, especially the ending. But it got you thinking afterwards. I think the performances of all the actors were good, Bean was brilliant as usual and the young Sophie Stuckey as the daughter is talented as well. A surprising little film, but I can somehow understand why I had not heard of it before.
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An OK Hack N Slash based on one of the best movies of modern days.
12 April 2007
Almost everything about the game is OK, except that the story is a bit confusing, when does the game take place? Jack and Will are out treasure-hunting, searching for some golden skull (?), but are betrayed by two companions from their crew. The next thing they know is that they are going to be executed. So when they are standing in front of the crowd Jack tell them/makes up the stories of his and Wills adventures that led them to this point. The missions is Jack's lies about the events in the first movie (that I get), and he even tell two stories within the stories about earlier adventures, but then he put Will or Elizabeth by his side (just because he can). What I don't get is when the present main story takes place, after The Curse of The Black Pearl, but impossible before Dead Man's Chest, maybe after At World's End, but unlikely. So I have no Idea when the story took place. That is a bit frustrating. The best thing about the game is to be able to play as everybody's favorite-pirate Jack Sparrow, and the fact that this is the only video-game so far Depp has lend-ed his voice to. That's very cool. The game is a bit to short and the ending makes me hope for an sequel, because if there is'nt one the ending sucks! Overall a good but short Hack N Slash.
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A great, funny and cool adventure.
3 December 2006
I had not expected Dead Man's Chest to be so good, I did keep myself with low expectations until it was time to see the movie at its premiere and I think that was a smart thing to do. I thought it was so damn funny, even funnier than the first one, though it was also darker than the first one. It was never boring, the fight-scenes was amazing, especially one, you will know which one when you see it. Dead Man's Chest has everything a good sequel is supposed to have, lots of humor, funny villains, a very slimy new Villain, Jack Davenport was very cool as Norrington this time. The movie has so many levels, from action to slapstick a' la Buster Keaton. I guess I don't have to mention that Depp is amazing as always, that's more than you can say about Bloom or Knightley, but they're cute and doesn't bother me very much. Not much more to say than; whatever you do in life, don't miss the Pirate of the Caribbean-movies!!! Easily one of the best movies of the year.
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Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 (1999 Video Game)
Good expansion!
9 August 2005
I am a London-fan, British gangster-movies are best, so I think GTA:London is a very cool game, set in the late sixties. I really hope the next GTA-game in 3d will be a 2nd London, it would beat the crap out of the two "The Getaway"-games. With Rockstars sick humor and the actors they often use it would be every "Snatch"-fans dream. The original GTA:London have fun missions and a very weak story about a young hooligan who works his way up in the underworld of London. Cool characters like "The Twins" makes the "story" more enjoyable and the cars are cool too! The 60s rules!! The mission when you "fix" Big Ben's clock so the tourist-bus comes earlier is the most funny mission in the game, and there are some cool Bond-parody's too, with a side-story of a mad Australian who wants control over the world. Extremely Funny.
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Snatch (2000)
25 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Superb gangster comedy. I've watched it about twelve times and I could put it on now in the second I'm writing this. It is smart, it is fun, it is cool. Cool is a good word for the whole movie. Everything is smart and cool, nothing feels unnecessary. Every actor plays well, especially Benicio Del Toro (oh he is so GOOD!!), it is so tragic that a character like Frankie "Four-fingers" dies so early. But I would not have it any other way, because, then it would not be Snatch. Guy Richie is a genius, oh, I love Lock, Stock.... too, its actually a little better than Snatch. Because it feels just a little more British I guess. My favorite part of the movie is when Sol and Vinnie are going to rub the bookies, I laugh so it hurts every time. Coolest character, absolutely Frankie, second Boris and third Turkish, yeah I now, Bullet-tooth Tony is so awesome that I can't believe it, but Turkish with his ironic comments and funny one-liners like: Four seats and a steering-wheel. This movie is awesome. If you haven't seen it, SEE IT!!! If you have seen it and don't own it, BUY IT, and watch it over and over again.
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Great movie!
17 July 2005
Its sad that a couple of idiots almost ruined this great film that I watched with my family a few hours ago. Oh why cant those facking idiots just stay away from cinemas!!??? Aaaaarghahja!!! I hate them!!! But they could not destroy it! No, they will never win. I love most of Spielberg's works and this is with no doubt one of his best. The effects are perfect and it is even a little scary at some moments. It is very entertaining and well-played. Tom Cruise is better than ever and Dakota is as good as always. Oh I wish people could stop picking on Hide and Seek, it is not a bad movie. It is not so good but absolutely not bad. Cruise and the girl is very good and they bring life to their characters in a very joy full way.
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Sin City (2005)
The City of your nightmares the movie of your dreams
2 July 2005
This was the best movie of the year. I love, it, but it almost feels like I have too find excuses to like it. Its so violent and no political correct and you enjoy it so much! Its horrible but its so beautiful that you cant do anything else than just sit down and watch, I tried not to blink in case I would miss anything, every scene is so genius! I have never seen anything like Sin City before, its more violent than Kill Bill and Perhaps better too. I was very surprised of the film, I had not the highest thoughts of it, because a lot of Swedish critics did not like it. But they were all wrong. See this film on the cinema, then buy it on DVD, and make it the classic it deserves to be.
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