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amazingly wonderful!, 16 May 2006

I can't believe I JUST now found and watched this movie as well. It played tonite on Showtime Beyond! I was searching for a good movie to watch tonite and I got nothing, until i came upon the title "Office Killer" HA! anything with the word Killer in the title automatically grabs my attention.

Thank GOD I stayed on the channel and waited for it to begin - it was FREAKIN AMAZING! Histaricaly amazing! Kane does a wonderful job and I think I literally was smiling the WHOLE time. I felt like a crazy like Dorine! And Molly Ringwald, i will always love her.

Everything about this film was perfect, literally. I have GOT to own this!

Hell High (1989)
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80s fun., 12 August 2005

I thought this movie was really laid back, boring for the first hour or so, but if you like the 80s (like myself) and horror (like myself) then I would say this movie is worth watching! I dig the soundtrack and the scary 80s beats when death arrives, and the Queenie is definitely poster-child of the 80s! Shes got style shes got grace, shes got beaten to death by a rock in her FAACE!! MWAH HA HA HA! If you're bored, watch it! There needed to be a bit more action and gore but for the most part its pretty enjoyable if you like the horror films that are pretty dark all the way through. You don't grow any attachment to any of the characters, its pretty much just a cheesy horror film of the 80s! And mind you, those are the best.

The beginning is quite fantastic, who doesn't love a young little girl in a scary little pink dress who kills off some teenagers who try to have sex in her playhouse!? lol.