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The Oscars are on tonight. I thought I would have one last say of the my predictions for the awards and who I think deserves the prize. (I haven't see many of the films and my choices are based on who I think should take the award based on the films that I saw)
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Some of these films I like, some I don't, but whatever your mood, they will leave you with a miserable, cynical view about people and our future.
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1-10 = Classic & Outstanding
11-21 = Enjoyable & Recommended
22-25 = Recommended with great reservation
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As prices go up with movies, I go less and less. This year was also not a good year for movies and as weekend box office determines a movie's time in the theater, there is less opportunity to go see any movies before they are pulled before the next film. Most of these I saw on DVD and very few left any long-term impression. There are also still many movies to be released in theaters which are supposed to be good so I will update the list in weeks to come.
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(just the movies I've seen)

1-15 - classic , richly deserved oscars
16- 41 good choices
42- 58 good choices although not my favorites
59- 68 forgettable
69 -73 yuck!
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(Based on the movies I've seen and Only on the Winners not who I wished who won)
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(Based on the movies I've seen and Only on the Winners not who I wished who won)
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(Based on the movies I've seen and Only on the Winners not who I wished who won)
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(Based on the movies I've seen and Only on the Winners not who I wished who won)
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The Academy will make their choices, I make mine. These are predictions on how the Academy votes. Expect to see a lot of "The Artist" on their lists; expect to see a lot of Hugo on mine.
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Great movies featuring famous scenes with rivers.
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A tribute to one of the greatest movie star/directors of all time. (including some great forgotten movies) - only the ones that I've seen.
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these comedies will actually make you laugh throughout the movie (the list is not in order yet - except the 1st 25 films)
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Contains great creators, producers, directors, writers, composers, musicians, dancers, actors, SFX people, comedians, and innovators.

These are not in order yet.
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(Don't take the ranking seriously after the 1st 20 names. I am fond of them all.)
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The list isn't quite in order yet
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Commentary on each one.
(There are actually 102 on the list, I couldn't break up the trilogy of Star Wars.)
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1-13 = Excellent, classic, & must see
14-24 = very good - see
25-31 = fair - see but with reservation
32-38 - poor by Woody Allen standards
39- 45 - awful by anyone's standards
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The truth is, I try to avoid watching bad movies, but many "good or great" films that thousands enjoy but I hate, shock me because they are horrible and more offensive than any badly made Ed Wood movie. I spend my time thinking, what did the others see that I didn't and it forces me to rewatch the film, and I find that I am always right. I hated it!
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(no particular order- except the 1st 35)
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I am not big on political or angry documentaries. These films are great because they are actually entertaining and are films that I would watch again.
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The academy got it right sometimes.
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(Based on the movies I've seen and Only on the Winners not who I wished who won)
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These are the type of movies that can even make tough guys shed a tear.
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Sequels should only be made using the original characters but should otherwise be original in storytelling in every sense.

Remakes should never be done, if they are classics and great movies. They should only be done if they originally mediocre movies with some good ideas or bad movies which could be made much better.

TV shows should be brought to the big screen, if they are larger than the TV medium to begin with, such as The Fugitive.
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Who I think will win and my personal choices for who should win.
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I struggled to find any 10 this decade which impressed me but the 1990s were so easy. They had better movies 10 years ago. Not one of the movies this decade would I consider better that the 1990s movies.
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Never judge a movie until you see it.
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Box office means nothing for quality motion pictures, even for some of the most successful directors and movie stars. Try to see these great films.
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these are films which are perfect because of the story structure. They begin perfect and end perfect and by the end you are happy that you have seen how the characters have changed.
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*this excludes franchises, like James Bond or Harry Potter, or characters or films written as trilogies, like Lord of the Rings.
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(only movie musicals- not broadway adaptations)
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At least the ones I've seen. I enjoyed them all but I would rank them in following manner:
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It's not the actress, it's usually the material they are given. Don't hate them because they're beautiful. Want proof: see the movies selected
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These are good actors who are given awards for mediocre performances because they missed their chance earlier or the academy refused to wait for another year.
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(contains many spoilers)
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a tribute to the great actor
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I'm not crazy about many teen movies today. Kids live in fantasy worlds in high school dreaming of the "big dance" or sit around brooding over vampires. These are some movies where kids sound, behave like, and think like kids.
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the best scenes to hold on to the forearm of your date. (contains spoilers)
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These are not exactly bad actors, but they seem to be striving for the Academy Award performance rather than just relaxing.
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Some films, I actually like but they are not the greatest films ever made.