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Ignore the mixed reviews - if you like the movie, check this out..., 3 August 2015

WHAS:FDoC is awesome. Its not really a series of 30m stand alone episodes, its much better digested as one looong movie which is easily watched over a couple sessions. Fortunately netflix makes this easy.

The show is a lot of fun. As with the movie, its not really easy to describe. Its part parody but often played very straight and not even necessarily for the joke. There's a lot of the show (and movie) which come across as a straight forward camp storyline. Some of the jokes miss. Some a predictable. But when you put it all together its a TON OF FUN. There's goofy stuff. There's creative bits. There's wonderful cameos. Amazing setpieces. Perfect music. And a lot of laughs. It also manages to poke fun at at least five or six movie/TV themes (camp films, courtroom drama, rock bio, military, coming of age, etc).

It should be noted that the finished product is really pretty amazing given the limitations of schedule and trying to recapture the look/tone/feel of a movie made many years ago. They do some VERY creative camera-work and editing to stretch each actors involvement to feel like everyone was there the whole time.

So...check it out..and stick with it. The first few episodes are pretty straight forward..then stuff gets wacky around ep3 and doesn't let up. Its awesome!!

Sound City (2013)
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Amazing documentary for music lovers, 3 February 2013

First up: how freaking cool is Dave Grohl? Nirvana, Drummer, Foo Fighters, Guitarist, Queens of the Stone Age, Tenacious D (the devil!), music director!?!...make that Excellent Director.

This documentary is actually kinda/sorta two doc's in one. The first half takes a wonderful walk through a wide array of music and artists that recorded at the Sound City studios. Dave & Nirvana recorded "Nevermind" there. The storyline is woven around an amazing mixing board which Dave purchased from the now closed studio and had installed in his own. This leads to the second part which follows Dave and a diverse array of artists playing music in his studio through the mixing board.

This movie is made with a pure love, respect, and enthusiasm for music....all music..over the last 40 years. Everything works so well together: the artists, the stories, the love of analog recording, and, of course, the music. If you're like me, you'll watch this and immediately follow it by digging out old records/cds that you haven't listened to for a while. Its excellent.

Regarding distribution: the movie premiered last month at Sundance and is now available for purchase and electronic download.

Peace .n. "We are the Music Makers and We are the Dreamers of Dreams". -Willy Wonka