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A Mystery and a Love story, 19 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Written and set in the 1920s, Lord Peter Whimsey and Harriet Vane go on adventures solving mysteries while falling in love. Lord Peter (Edward Petherbridge) is an aristocrat with links to the British Government, he is an accomplished musician and dancer. Harriet Vane (Harriet Walter) is one of the first women to graduate from Oxford (like the author) and a writer of mysteries (like the author). So many people see Harriet and a representation of Dorothy L. Sayers while Peter is her fantasy partner. Peters manservant Bunter (Richard Morant) is always on hand to assist.

The 52 minute episodes are sometimes shown in groups. First is Strong Poison where Harriet is a suspect. Episode 1,2,3 Then Have His Carcase where they find a body in Dorset Episode 4,5,6,7 Lastly Gaudy Night, Harriet goes back to her Oxford College to find who is writing threatening letters to the staff.

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Spearhead from Space Revisited, 3 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Welcome to the new Dr Who, Matt Smith. His first episode was reminiscent of the first Jon Pertwee episode, Spearhead from Space, though with a different monster. Not the first part of the show, with a rather creepy scene where the Dr talks to a young girl. But later, he comes back, Amy has grown into a kiss-o-gram! She is in a sexy police uniform and chains him to a radiator.

Towards the conclusion the Dr visits a hospital that is a bit familiar, he changes from his ragged clothes into something he finds in the hospital (Spearhead). The Doctorr is still getting into his new regeneration, and strangely, so is the Tardis!

Pervious Doctors first episodes have had a difficult time, portraying him as a bit crazy. Matt Smith does a good job, but it isn't an exceptional episode. It has some chases, flashes of brilliance and fun with Patrick Moore. He tries out some catchphrases that are a disaster, but done with humour.

Karen Gillan is the new companion, and she is good. A Scottish accent that reminds you of the 10th Dr, an independent spirit that all modern companions have. She has friends in her village but no family, and jumps at the chance to join the new Doctor.

The combination of a new Doctor, companion and Tardis promise some exciting new adventures.

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End of an era (Spoiler Alert), 29 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Its the end for DT and RTD, and they are throwing the book at this one. Actually I think RTD is putting in everything he can, just because he can. He wont have to tie up loose ends, so leaves a bit of a mess for the successor. There are far too many special effects, and a long wait for any plot.

The Gates are much like the ghosts cybermen episode when Rose left. The green spiky alien is just like the red alien on the Xmas Titanic. The warnings from the Ood are a bit like the warnings from the face of bo. Eternal life for the PMs daughter, bit like Lazurus/captain Jack. The Doctor watchers was a bit like the man in the shed in Rose, and Elton in love&monsters.

The lady in white seems familiar but wait for ep2. The Master just keeps returning, despite being killed many times, he is becoming a bit supernatural, having here some superpowers (superman/spiderman). He sends energy bolts and leaps tall buildings. John Simm is fantastic mind.

How does the masters ring and an imprint of the lips of Lucy bring back the master? Bit Harry Potter, with voldermort returning.

I hated the throwaway lines at the start, particularly his getting married to Queen Elizabeth 1? Reminds me when they decided to give him a daughter, just more baggage for future writers to cope with, or perhaps ignore. For 5 years he has been telling us the time lords are finished, so guess who makes an appearance? He rushes about but whats the hurry, he is a TIME LORD. He has a Tardis. Dear dear.

Good to see Wilfred and Donna. June Whitfield was wasted (so far).

It is still entertaining, but after such a long wait it is disappointing. Please please new writers, bring back plot, and some science too.

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Beautiful, charming, romantic, what more can you ask for?, 2 November 2009

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Beautiful, charming, romantic, what more can you ask for? This production was excellent, fine acting, beautiful location, and what a script.

Romola Garai was excellent as Emma, she has an extremely expressive face, it was quite comical at times. Jonny Lee Miller as Mr Knightly is 10 years older so not bad casting, an interesting part for him after the success of Eli Stone. He was in Mansfield Park in '99.

The biggest name in the production for Brits is Michael Gambon who is Mr Woodhouse. Its quite a contrast with Harry Potter, here is very timid, but he still manages a powerful performance. The fine cast included Tamsin Greig, Robert Bathurst and Jodhi May also. Louise Dylan was Harriet Smith, but didn't really shine, compared to the likes of Samantha Morton ('96 version).

Its a 4 parter, so they had plenty of time. I liked the film version with Gwyneth Paltrow and for TV Kate Beckinsale both in '96; both were under 2 hours. It does feel that we have lots of versions of this, and not enough of other great books though.

What almost steals the show is the village of Chilham in Kent, used extensively.

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End of Series 1, cue lots of fighting and magic., 22 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The series has at last ended with, it did drag along for the last few episodes. This one was OK, lots of fighting and magic, even some travelling through time, and at last the think came to a juddering halt.

The magic of different sources comes together and explodes, seeming to kill some, and send others into the future, but can they return to the present and fulfil there destiny?

Kahlans resolve is stretched to breaking, her loyalty to the seeker puts her in the most strange of situations. I did like the sith, lets have lots more sexy fighting women with fetish gear and suggestive magic truncheons. A bit like Gaddafis bodyguard, but much sexier.

Rahl gets to show just how bad he can be, but instead turns into a doting husband and father. He is surpassed in baddydom by his offspring, who is a real monster.

Watch and find out. Or if you are impatient, read the synopsis.

The series has been too close to Crod Mandoon for me, it was hard to take it seriously after seeing that show. Still the acting was decent, the story OK, if a bit overlong.

Most of the story was resolved, but not all, they must be saving something for series 2. What happens to the love that they dare not show?

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Great Film Must See, 15 March 2009

The film contrasts a bleak future that we are heading towards with the current way people carry on as usual. The archivist (Pete Postlethwaite) looks after the best of the planets museum exhibits, and looks back from the year 2055 at how we got there. He observes a group in Bedfordshire stopping a potential wind farm from getting through planning, an entrepreneur in India starting a low cost airline, a woman surviving in Nigeria torn by Shell's oil extraction, children exiled from Iraq and a man retired from the oil industry living in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. The scenarios show how complicated it can be to make a difference, but that its something we need, and must, do.

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The History And Development Of Christianity, 8 February 2009

Its an interesting series, with a wide variety of religious and celebrity presenters each tacking on a different aspect.

Episode 1 Howard Jacobson discussed Jesus as a Jew, Jacobson is well qualified as a well known Jewish writer. He asserts that Jesus was against Roman rule of his region and didn't intend to start a new religion. For Jesus's family and followers practised within Judaism, for them he was a charismatic Rabbi.

Episode 2 Michael Portillo Christianity made when the Roman Empire adopted it as its official religion, featuring Constantine.

Episode 3 Robert Beckford on Christianity in Britain and how it effects him.

Episode 4 Rageh Omar on how the crusades impact on us today, particularly in the middle east.

Episode 5 Ann Widdecombe, who converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism 15 years ago, focuses on the Reformation and the intolerance, divisions and bloodshed that resulted.

Coming up are: Kwame Kwei-Armah, on global spread of Christianity. Professor Colin Blakemore on the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th. Cherie Blair on the challenges Christianity faced in the 20th century.

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it warms up, but not the best episode, 17 October 2006

It starts slow, with a bit about the civil war (Empress Matilda versus Stephen) and a determined Prior. The area is in danger of flooding, the roof abbey roof is leaking. Then we get to the murder. Also a singing slave girl is stolen and nearly killed, her owner also sings as part of their act. The remains of a saint that brings pilgrims to the Abbey are also taken, as are jewels given by a dying patroness to rebuild a distant Abbey. There is a trial by water where the innocent sink, the guilty float and get their hand chopped off if they are liars, hung if murderers. Then a trial to see who gets to keep the saints remains by opening the bible at random and reading the passage and judging its relevance. Cadfael does the business as usual, solving mysteries with medieval forensic science and psychology. Its lots of fun.