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Thumbelina (1994)
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Wonderful Musical by the Bluth team., 11 January 2007

For those looking for a less grandiose version of a fairy tale (Bluth once worked for Disney, but this is a post-Disney film), that still carries with it the weight of high animation and classic songs, this is the movie to see. The love songs are touching, the song with Charo is funny and unfortunately rather true (watch it to see!), and Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid)is always a pleasant voice to hear. Don Bluth's films are often criticized for not having as elaborate animation as Disney films, but his also have a slightly darker edge, never shying from darker hues or plot lines. Don't rely solely on reviews of his work; see it for yourself. And Thumbelina is a wonderful place to start.

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It's my favorite book, I was waiting to hate this. But it's great!, 27 December 2006

Crime and Punishment is my favorite book, and so I've consciously kept away from any versions of the story. Apprehensively, I gave this Russian version a try (I trusted them more than American versions). It's a wonderful adaptation. Sonya is played by an actress who--if she's not a teenager--looks like a teenager. And none of the actors seem out of the age range they should be in. The film seems low budget, with few cuts in the scenes. But I say that referring to only the best of low-budget, arty films. The crowd scenes are full of people, giving the seamless look of fullness. If you are wondering which version to see, this is the one people.