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A really great documentary, 9 September 2005

Pobbably the most interesting acting of any reenactment ever. Its great! I love the cinematic elements that are never seen in documentary acting. When the priest discovers that he has to become an exorcist especially. He puts a cigarette in his mouth, Stands up, In silhouette to the light in the window, And the narrator explains that the priest is out of options unless he wants to lose a battle with the devil. Totally awesome! Not only that, But the actually reporting aspects are also good. I felt a great sense of mystery as they showed the story of this boy from both angles. I completely recommend it, Though it might be hard to track down. I still loved it. This is no average documentary.

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Its just so typical by now..., 29 August 2005

I don't know what I was expecting when I turned this on...I just don't know. First there was reality TV, Then there was: Reality TV- About reality TV. They have it all, Drunken ramblings about who is who's true love, Confrontations between rivals, And of course, REALLY bad audio. Look, If in the rare chance that your not sick of reality TV yet, Then sure. Turn it on, your going to love it. For people who want television to go up and beyond and to not stay in the same old arm pit, Recycling ideas...This is not for you. Bottom line: Its just a typical reality TV show. They thought it was an interesting spin on the idea.....And its just not.

Disposal (2003)
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Wonderful story telling, 27 July 2005

Maybe the best short film ever. This story is set in the woods where a bickering couple has dispose of a body. Alex Turner does a wonderful job directing this short film. In the time that they were given, A dark and comical story was told.

You really get a sense that the characters are feeling this dilemma, Of ruin our lives for the good of our conscience, or ruin our conscience for the good of our lives. The tag line, "Accidents happen" is the most fitting tag line ever.

In short, This is worth your time. A fun little film, That I would totally recommend.