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Touching tragedy
1 January 2009
Karen (Hepburn) & Martha( Shirley) are school teachers trying to make their institution a success. One of the students is a Clever trouble maker. She not only creates problems for the teachers, she manipulates her fellow mates equally. She was known for lying & didn't own up. Her grandmother is a woman of Influence. One time Mary's lie goes far enough to destroy the lives of Both the women. Regarding days when homosexuality was taboo, it was big talk & the women were shunned from society & even Karen's lover started having doubts. The drama is fantastic. It also displays the respect people gave each other in conversation. I cant imagine such a major issue being discussed without voices blaring out of the speakers! It keeps the viewer guessing & the tragedy becomes very tragic to the end.
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The Mountain (1956)
Slow but great
31 December 2008
Quite a classic esp for its time. The scenes are magnificent. The creation is awesome. Its another great performance by Spencer. I cant believe he cud actually carry himself like that. It's somewhat slow which makes it a bit boring but its a solid story. The twists make it interesting & also highlights the difference between the responsibility & ethics of the eldest compared to the restlessness & superficiality of the younger which does strike most families.Also the sacrifices the elder brother makes risking himself for the pleasure of the younger. Glad Chris got what he deserved. It's also funny how Zach responds to the Hindu girl esp when u can understand what she's saying! It's a good watch for a relaxed mind & esp if you like to watch something with good landscapes.
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Title says little
21 July 2008
Im not a western movie fan but this was nearly as good as Hitchcock's suspense. Its been ages since I ever felt there was any drama/suspense in a movie. This movie was "Catching". Every moment it was gripping with "Whats gonna happen now?" Great story but I felt the ending didn't live up to the rest. It ought to have ended with the murderer walking away. Personally I don't think we needed the sheriff in the tale at all. I loved the guns, esp the one everyone fell victim to. It was neat the way he blew off locks. The Capturing is awesome-cinematography as you call it!

Overall deserving of the Oscars & the awards. I think the flat faced murderer did a pretty good job.

This is not a movie to miss for Western or Non western lovers!
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Insanity on the run
13 June 2008
Katherine Hepburn's first movie & she didn't look like any novice! The acting was better than the script honestly. The story was a bit peculiar though nice. It's about this family where Hepburn plays Sidney & the only daughter of a couple who had gone separate ways years ago. Hilary the husband is diagnosed with mental illness after the Shell shock & is sent to the asylum from where he escapes & returns home to surprise his family.

His beloved wife, Margaret by the passage of 15 years finds herself in love & ready to wed when Hilary returns home & finds that he had long been replaced & there was no need for him anymore. His return to sanity raises many family secrets that were attempted to be buried. Many are forced to face the painful truths & in that time the only one to support him is his daughter who removes his fears & gives up all that she loves just to have her father return home safely.
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Song of Love (1947)
Love lives on in music
13 June 2008
This is a brilliant movie for someone with taste in Real Music. The direction is awesome. The sets are great. Its based on a true story bout a composer who struggles all his life to get some achievement with his compositions & finds that in his loving wife who is a popular artist. The music played through the scenes are awesome esp those played by the STUDENT of the great composer himself who finds his way into the home & hearts of the Schumann's Family. A remarkable story about a woman & a man,a woman with many admirers, an artist & a composer, family issues, moralities & career struggles from the Stage to the kitchen! Great performance by all the great actors.
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Desk Set (1957)
Spencer & Kathy in THE OFFICE!
4 June 2008
Kathy is the head of the Reference library dept & Spencer is a tech genius who is hired on a secret mission to Replace HUMAN work with a machine. When the girls in the dept get to know, they start fretting over losing their jobs. Spencer tries evaluating Kathy's knowledge finding her way smarter than any machine or even himself which fascinates him. On another hand, Kathy has an affair with a man who avoided commitment & left her hanging often till the final moment. In the meantime Spencer & Kathy's work relation turned into something sweeter, reaching its climax just when the man Kathy had been waiting for for 7 yrs decides to commit!
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A good watch
2 June 2008
This is an interesting movie for someone who is more into "Hearing" than "watching" a movie. Its a good adaptation of the book, made almost LIKE a book which makes it both interesting as well as a little boring for viewers with taste for changing scenes. It's about this Old Cuban fisherman who wakes up on an ordinary day after several UNLUCKY days & heads to his beloved sea to find a bite. He gets lucky hooking a big catch that he kept on holding to for 3 days non stop & then how he struggles with his age, sleep & hunger to bring it back home. The story's simple, but for someone with taste for exclusive art, this is a must watch!
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A debate between the unquestioning & the intellectuals.
31 May 2008
This Movie was awesome. There have rarely been such titles where there is a major issue like religious ideas been questioned with the advancing of science. Spencer Tracy plays a magnificent part as an attorney to defend a school teacher who taught his students the theory of Charles Darwin. There Henry (Spencer) finds himself against a community who take the words of the bible as too sacred to question even by science while Spencer tries convincing them that the humans should be given liberty to think in order to advance. A witty script, well performed overall. Gene Kelly adds some good humor to keep it going. Overall a wonderful watch!
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The Notebook (2004)
A good time pass
8 May 2008
I'm not a fan of romantic movies especially those titled around the youngster's puppy love but this movie did win my affection. The entire idea of getting old & looking at the past, is rather touching. The acting is definitely good & so is the script. It does portray the younger generation of today & the need to have faith in the people they love. It's a semi-rebellion that many parents & families face today with their children in relation to marriages. Im sure a lot of youngsters can relate to the roles displayed & would like their romances to have the same ending, but that's less common.

Overall its a good watch for one time.
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The uninvited trouble!
8 May 2008
When you say comedy, this just has to be on the list. Mr Whiteside is a big time cynic who comes to have dinner with Mr Stanley & his family, but the Stanley's had the least gratitude for the ice that made Mr whiteside slip & break his hip. Instead of attending only a dinner, he takes over a part of the house to camp in while he heals. To attend to him 24hrs is his nurse whom he never spares a sarcastic comment. *the best ever*! His stay brings along more people & more trouble for the stanleys. Mr Whiteside supports the kids to pursue their dreams that their parents had not allowed. To top it all off, even the exotic pets have a place to stay. Mr Stanley keeps boiling for a good reason, waiting for the day that Mr Whiteside would recover, but luck barely sides him!!!! :) Its definitely 100 mins of tumbling over with laughter!
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Adam's Rib (1949)
Courtroom has never been so much fun!
7 May 2008
Personally I love this movie. Its so up to date, despite the time it was created in. The chemistry between Hepburn & Spencer is electrifying that it doesn't fall short of being convincing. Here are two attorneys, married & settled until a jealous woman attempts to murder her unfaithful husband. Spencer is chosen to defend the man, tempting Hepburn to take the opposition, to stand for her own belief in "EQUALITY for Women". As the case proceeds, so does the competitiveness between the couple & more contempt. To make the flaming affair worse, a friendly neighbor keeps coming for Hepburn, behaving condescending towards Spencer & stealing the attention of his wife in humorous ways. All the action makes Spencer bitter enough to leave the house. The rest you gotta watch to believe. It's a comedy all the way. Very entertaining for all ages & without doubt the characters portrayed are universal. A great script, with a superb performance by the best actor/actress ever! See it to believe it!
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A movie not worth missing!
7 May 2008
Spencer Tracy plays an awesome role as a Portuguese fisherman, who is sailing across the ocean with his fellow crew when one day he rescues a child, Harvey who had fallen overboard. Harvey is a spoiled child of a business tycoon who doesn't know the value of honesty, people, relations or even money. He just wants things his way. Falling off board, teaches him more than one lesson in life. Once aboard the "we're here" ship, his life is changed forever. He learns the basic values that were beyond him & learns what it's like to cherish someone in its original sense.

Definitely a movie for many generations to come. Such valuable movies are scarcely available nowadays.Don't miss it & don't forget to show it to the kids too.
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SOmething wonderful
22 May 2005
African QUeen was a movie that proved to be better than I expected. It's a story of two different kinds of people coming from different backgrounds & teachings who r forced to take the trip for better or worse & it turns out to be an adventure that they learn from. The two best personalities of BOgie & KaTe put together for a heart warming trip through the trails of Africa. THe most touching parts are those when they squeal with joy at their team work & get through the rapids. A very humane film that shows that deep down we are all just men & women with no differences produced by where we're coming from. IT's the inevitable joining of the hearts stemming from the concern & respect given by the other & putting their own fears aside TO join their minds, hands & courage to overcome all obstacles.
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