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These are some of the best movies & TV shows for intelligent people who appreciate exceptional plots with superb acting and outstanding character development. These are movies or tv shows that will cause you to think abstract, and that will make you want to cry, laugh, and cheer as you get sucked into the emotional whirlwind of numerous characters and scenarios. This is a list of my all time favorites... Stay tuned as it keeps growing!
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These are some of the best black movies of all time. Each is a must-see as it reflects the real life circumstances of many African Americans, Africans, and those of African descent. Watch as each character struggles to overcome adversity and obstacles as they pursue a better life. This is all real life packed with excellent acting and direction. These movies are in no particular order.
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These particular actors seem to always move me emotionally in their performances. They're simply brilliant and they usually make fantastic film choices! Stay tuned as the list keeps growing!
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In order from great movies to good movies. If it's not listed then I thought it sucked... (May include TV Shows as well)
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These are some of my favorites. Still being updated...
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